I work in a southern style BBQ so during the summer we get a lot of southerners looking for familiar food. Nothing makes me cringe faster than a southern accent asking for sweet tea. I know I am in for forty minutes of borderline rudeness and complaining that “This ain’t BBQ” topped off with a bad tip. The exception to this is Texans. They always seem to be happy and somewhat surprised to still be on this side of the grass.

My favourite southern group was two brothers, their wives, their children and their mother. They had been traveling together for days and they were hot, tired and downright sick of each other. To make matters worse, the hostess seated them at a shitty table (supposed to be for employees only) right next to the dish pit. Let the bitching begin.

Turns out, there was more to be mad at than seating arrangements. During the course of the meal I watched the grandma/mother-in-law override everything the mothers said to the children. I watched her shush every complaint the two women wanted to make. I watched the wives give their husbands and children The Look. I watched the husbands stare at their plates not wanting to sass their momma, but knowing their wives were going to skin them alive later. I watched the grandma/mother-in-law sit at that shitty table with a smile on her face knowing any other day she would have asked for a different table.

By the time the meal was over and I gave her the check everyone was so totally pissed off I expected an episode of Springer to break out in my section. In the end, they were so entertaining I didn’t even care if they tipped me. I think more southern families should travel together and if they are Springer episodes in the making, they are welcome in my section.


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  1. darcknyt
    Jun 04, 2009 @ 17:04:55

    Hahahaha! That's awesome. AWESOME.

    Interesting you have such a different take on southerners than I do. In my experience they're always much more welcoming and friendly than other folks I've met. Texans DO stand out, though.

    'Course, my only experience with 'em is in the South, in their own backyard.


  2. whatigotsofar
    Jun 28, 2010 @ 09:02:13

    “Are you from the sow-uth!”

    Ahm from de now-uth.


  3. Katy
    Apr 26, 2011 @ 19:51:07

    I live (and wait tables) in Texas. Sometimes if people are super rude and unfriendly I try to work in asking where they are from and looking suprised if they say Texas. I ask where they moved from. Oh MAN does it make them mad. Hell if I care. If they can’t be “Texas friendly” they don’t deserve the title.

    I’ve long said Texans are my favourite southerners to wait on. Sometimes I think I’m a Texan even though I’ve never been there…okay, I was in El Paso for a weekend, but I don’t think that counts. They are gracious to a fault, even if they are a bit ostentatious with their wealth. My roommate is from Tennessee and if other people from the state are like him, they could write the book on manners. (I also have a friend from Memphis who is a gentleman to the core.) I’m not sure where the rude southerners are from (I’m going to blame Arkansas), but I wish they would stay there.


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