Places to Go, Things to See

Being in the service industry, I like to check out the competition and see if I can improve my service a little.

In March I took a week off and went on a mini-vacation with my daughter to Buffalo, Wyoming. We stayed at The Occidental Hotel in the President Hoover Suite. My goal on this vacation was pampered rest and relaxation and that is exactly what I got. All of the rooms are named after famous people who have stayed there or notable area attractions. They are all furnished with original antiques and luxurious claw foot bathtubs. Billy Bob Thornton probably shouldn’t stay there.

Dawn Wexco and her staff are nothing short of fabulous. Staying at The Occidental Hotel is like taking a step back about a hundred years, when things were a little slower paced. However, the hotel has all the modern conveniences including wireless internet.

The night we arrived, we planned to eat at The Virginian restaurant in the hotel. Dawn made sure we got a window table, which is something like a private dining room, with a view of the downtown area. I ordered the baby back ribs with the raspberry chipolte barbeque sauce and they were devine. Word of my tip percentage got out after that first meal and for the rest of my stay, if I looked like I was even thinking about wanting something, someone was attending to me. Huh, tipping. It really does work.

I don’t want to give the impression that no one would help me until I flashed some green. These are all top notch people and should be compensated for their service. The service just went over the top once they realized I wasn’t going to be cheap. Take note.

Every Thursday night the Occidental Saloon hosts a bluegrass jam session with some of the best musicians, young and old, from around the area. The saloon was packed with people so I opened the door of my room, sat on the sofa President Hoover used and listened to the music while I worked a crossword puzzle.

My only irritation came when my daughter and I were sitting in the lobby one night, listening to the 20s era big band music from the radio. An unattended kid, about 3 years old, was jumping up and down on one of the hundred year old sofas. It finally became too much for me and I told him to stop it. His mother appeared out of nowhere and said he wasn’t hurting anything. Seriously?! Do you let him do that at home?! Show a little respect for other people’s stuff, you moron.

If you are ever in Buffalo, Wyoming, I highly recommend a stay at The Occidental Hotel. Be prepared for an out of this world experience and don’t be cheap.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. darcknyt
    Jun 15, 2009 @ 21:09:27

    I try not to be cheap — I really do — but as much as they depend on their tips for their living, I have to EARN that tip money, so I have to find a happy medium.

    What's standard for tip percent now anyway? 18%? 20%?

    Sounds like a great hotel. I'll have to check it out. Y'know. Someday.


  2. Holly
    Jun 15, 2009 @ 22:03:25

    Out here 15% is acceptable, 18% is much appreciated and 20% will get you a slave. Haha.


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