Fire School

Every year, the first weekend in May is Fire School in Cody. It kicks off our summer season as Cody is taken over by firemen from around the state and from neighboring states. For most, it is a time to learn new techniques and become better firemen. For some, it is a three day drunken, stripper filled party.

This year I had two memorable tables of firemen.

The first table was a group of 6 from a neighboring town. They were pretty funny, we joked around a lot and I gave them excellent service so I was a little shocked when they stiffed me on a $100 ticket. They came in again the next night, but were seated in a different server’s section. She wasn’t at the top of her game that night so they kept calling me over to get things they needed. While I was pre-bussing their table, the head guy handed the other server $15 and thanked her. On impulse, I asked why, if she was providing such lousy service that I had to step in, did they stiff me the night before. The head guy said they had left me $25 on the table. Knowing I didn’t receive any money, I asked The Manager to review the video tape the next day. Caught right on camera was one of the firemen stealing the tip off my table!

That is f-ed up. I mean really, who does that? Taking a tip from a table is STEALING plain and simple. To make matters worse, this was a fireman, someone who is supposed to save kittens from trees and rescue old ladies from burning buildings; someone who little kids want to be when they grow up. I imagine he was crapping his pants when I asked his boss why they stiffed me. Asshole.

The second memorable table was from out of state and 4 out of 6 of them were drunk off their asses. The drunkest one pointed to a picture on the menu and insisted he wanted it. When I told him we didn’t have that exact thing on the menu, a fight ensued since, obviously, I was the one who took the picture and designed the menu. Guess what? We have a picture of Buffalo Bill Cody on the menu and we don’t have him either. When I told this guy we could make what he wanted, but I wasn’t sure on the price, he demanded to see the manager. Yeah, cuz being sub-human and all, I don’t know what the fuck is going on. Managers, being human, have all the answers and have nothing else better to do than answer your stupid assed questions, which were already answered by your server.

So I sent Chetto out to talk to them. Chetto is a big, mean looking Mexican, who is actually a teddy bear. He walked out to the table and the drunk asshole pointed at the picture and asked, “Do you have this?” Chetto said, “No.” That was the end of the conversation and the end of the bullshit. I turned the table over to a different server and there was nothing but quiet eating for the rest of their stay.

So to all you firemen who are coming to Cody next year, here is a little advice: You are representing your state and your town when you come to Fire School. You have tee shirts, jackets, caps and vests emblazoned with the logo and name of your fire department, city and state. You are not invisible. We see you and your bad behavior. It reflects poorly on you and your town. If you want to be a moron, do it in the bar where moronic behavior is expected. Don’t come to a restaurant and act like you’ve never been in anything other than a Denny’s at 2am. You are in a position of power, respect and trust. Act like you deserve it.


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  1. darcknyt
    Jun 17, 2009 @ 12:20:58

    But I don't think they ARE in positions of power and authority. They're nothing but civilian government employees, really. It's the PERCEPTION of them that provides the power and authority, and I think, unless the building is burning and they're giving instructions to save your ass from being barbecued, they don't deserve any more respect than a physician or a mechanic … or a restaurant server.

    Respect has to be earned, and shouldn't be given by job title. This is what happens when we do so.

    Thieving, belligerent behavior isn't worthy of respect. And I think they're over-ballyhooed anyway. I admire first-responders, I really do, but under their job they're people just like you and me.


  2. steve
    Jun 17, 2009 @ 14:46:56

    Drunk Belligerant Fireman..thats not a surprise
    One that would steal, is shocking you should say something next year to one of them. Or better yet if they act call the police…great blog funny stuff…Zman sends DarcKnyt told me to read your blog I will not be disappointed…he was right


  3. Holly
    Jun 17, 2009 @ 23:34:00

    Darcknyt: Thanks for the referral! Zman: Thanks for the compliment!

    I have seen some of the most disgusting behaviour during fire school, but the stealing really shocked me. Not only was he stealing from me, but from his co-workers. Do you really want this guy to have your back in an inferno? I don't think I would.


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