I Wonder if it Was All in Ones

Johnny Depp, not for the obvious reason, has always been on my Top 10 Celebrities I’d Like to Meet list. He seems like a thoughtful, intelligent, funny man who would have interesting things to say.

Other celebrities on my list include Geoffery Rush, Jim Carrey, and James Cromwell.

I almost met Harrison Ford back in 1990 when he ate at a restaurant in Cody where I worked. It was the weirdest thing. This man came in and I knew him. I knew his mannerisms, and the way he walked, but he was in motorcycle leathers and had a beard. I searched my memory bank and couldn’t think of anyone I knew who was a biker. I couldn’t hear his voice or I would have known him instantly.

I saw Dave, the bouncer, talking to him so I asked Dave who he was because it was driving me crazy. Dave said, “Oh that’s Harrison Ford. I used to work for him when I lived in Jackson (Hole, Wyoming).” He offered to introduce me, but Mr. Ford was eating with friends and I felt it was incredibly rude to act like a dumbass groupie. I declined and told Dave why. The wife of a well known contractor in town didn’t have any such qualms, and overhearing our conversation she insisted Dave take her over for an introduction right then. Dumbass.

That was my one brush with fame.

Yesterday’s big entertainment story was that Johnny Depp tipped a waiter in Chicago $4,000, and on a $4,400 tab nonetheless. It confirms my belief that Mr. Depp is a very gracious man, who has risen above his early bad boy days and who shares with those around him.

There are other celebrities who donate millions to charity but they always have to be known for it. The article comes with a picture of the beautiful couple busy doing good things. I’m not knocking that. Sometimes, however, you need to do good things secretly, otherwise, it just looks like you’re an attention whore.

So, hat’s off to Mr. Depp for being gracious and sharing the love. It makes the world go ’round!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vanessa
    Jun 25, 2009 @ 14:51:31

    Johnny's always been one of my faves too – for those "obvious" reasons. 😉 I read that article about him and thought that was a really cool thing for him to do.


  2. darcknyt
    Jun 25, 2009 @ 18:35:00

    He's a favorite of my wife's too. 🙂


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