Hog & Jog

or dine & dash: phrases which describe the act of eating and ducking out on the ticket.

Yes, people do this. We had a couple do it last night and I had a couple who did it last year. Some restaurants make the server responsible for the ticket so not only does she get stiffed on the tip, but she has to pay for the douch bags’ meal as well.

What always surprises me is it isn’t the people you figure will do it. It’s a nice, middle aged couple who are very friendly and easy to serve. It isn’t kids or homeless looking people. The Manager, who has worked in restaurants far and wide, says people actually travel by doing this as well as skipping out on gas and motel rooms.

You would think with the age of security cameras, people would be less inclined to skip out on anything, but unless they are dragged down in the parking lot, the image on the tape is of little use. Our ticket system is computerized so the server doesn’t know about the hog & jog until she is ready to clock out and the computer won’t let her. By then the people are long gone, stealing gas and snacks from the 7-11.

It is a felony in Wyoming to defraud an innkeeper, which includes bars and restaurants. A FELONY!! This means jail time and a big, black mark on your permanent record for less than thirty bucks.

If you do this, the bottom line is, you are an ass. Plain and simple. You aren’t beating the system. You are causing problems for a working stiff who is only trying to earn a living. All hog & jog people earn a place in the Douche Bag Hall of Shame.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vanessa
    Jul 03, 2009 @ 14:57:08

    What a rotten thing to do!! I can only hope it was accidental.

    The reason I say that is because once when Darc and I were travelling, we got about 40 miles down the road before we realized we'd fogotten to pay at a gas station where we'd filled up. We lost a lot of time heading back to pay our bill, but that's what we did.

    We were stupid, but not thieves.

    I hope those people realize their error and come back to pay their bill.


  2. darcknyt
    Jul 03, 2009 @ 16:49:11

    Wow, it's a FELONY there?? Holy cow! I once stole gas from a station in TN, but I got a huge case of the guilts when I finally realized I'd not paid, and went back to pay the tab.

    The lady told me I was an honest man. But she'd already called the cops. Heh. (She said she called 'em off too, once I paid up.)

    But I guess they're serious about it in WY. I think a security camera getting license numbers in the parking lot would GREATLY reduce the occurrence of this at your establishment. But if they won't even get the A/C fixed, what are the odds?

    Douche bags, indeed.


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