Things I Hate

I hate when I approach a table and say, “Hi, how are you tonight?” and people bellow their drink order at me. I HATE it! The proper response is: “I’m fine. How are you?” It’s called common courtesy. Learn it.

I hate it more when I say, “Hi, how are you tonight?” and people flat out ignore me and continue reading their menu as if I’m invisible.

I hate it when people order and talk to their menu. The menu isn’t taking your order, I am. Talk to me if you want to eat.

I hate it when a man orders for a woman and asks her what type of dressing, side dishes, drink, etc. she wants, then repeats it back to me as if I can only hear the words coming out of his mouth. Just let her order. It saves time and I don’t tell the other servers what a dumbass you are.

I hate it when parents let their gibberish speaking 2 year olds order. Ultimately, the parents have to translate so just order for them. Let them order when they can actually speak English.

I hate it when I recite the side dishes only to have someone ask, “What was the third one you said?” How the hell should I know. Pay attention or read them off your damned menu.

I hate it when people ask for free stuff. Nothing in life is free. If I don’t charge you for your onion rings, guess who will pay for them when The Manager audits the tickets? ME! Since you are too cheap to pay for your food, you’re going to be too cheap to tip so it’s a losing proposition all around for me.

I hate it when people ask me to serve them alcohol when they can’t prove they are over 21. Let’s see … it’s a $750 fine, 6 months probation, possible jail time and the loss of my job. Yeah, I’ll risk it because you were too stupid to remember your ID.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. darcknyt
    Jul 09, 2009 @ 00:50:45

    Ooh, man — I'm guilty of some of this. I let my kids order for themselves as soon as they could speak (at two, both of mine knew how to ask for what they wanted just fine), but you never know if you're hearing with "parent ears" and doing internal deciphering.

    I've also spoken to the menu, and I've asked the server to repeat the specials/side dishes. I mean, c'mon, Holls … sometimes you guys FLY through them, prattle them off lick auctioneers, and we, the customers who are expected to order, don't have a fighting chance.

    Still, I guess I need to be more aware of the server, too.


  2. Holly
    Jul 09, 2009 @ 12:55:44

    HAHAHA! I recite the side dish, beer, and salad dressing options slowly so I don't have to repeat them. It's the "What was the third thing?" question that irritates me. I don't have a clue what order I listed the options. Is this a test?!


  3. Vanessa
    Jul 09, 2009 @ 15:57:31

    Eh, food service sucks. I've never been a waitress, but I have been behind the counter and it's not a lot different. People don't treat us like human beings because at that moment, we're not – we're servants, there to wait on them.

    And customers always try to trump with that "always right" thing, too. I once asked my boss, "but what about when they're wrong?" He replied, "even though they're wrong, I'm paying you to make them feel like they're right – deal with that or quit." So much for sympathy!

    Only people who have ever been in some kind of food service know how to treat others who are. Sometimes.


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