Happy Anniversary to Me

Today was my two year anniversary at the restaurant. Two years! I’m sort of amazed at myself. There is only one other server who has been there longer than I have and that’s kind of sad.

Two years ago I needed a break from the string of office related jobs I’d had. I don’t work well with others in close quarters and my ass was growing at an alarming rate. I was tired of being responsible for too much and being paid too little. I figured I would wait tables for 3 to 6 months and look for another office job when I was ready. I guess I’m still not ready.

I rather like where I work. I have the opportunity to meet new people, I am always moving, which means I can eat junk food and not gain 20 pounds overnight, and I can make some nice money in very little time. I can avoid coworkers who annoy me, though there aren’t very many compared to summers past, and laugh out loud with the ones I like.

I don’t know how much longer I will do this, but so far it has been fun and the good days have outnumbered the bad. Salud!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. darcknyt
    Jul 19, 2009 @ 00:19:38

    Happy anniversary! I'd give eye teeth — not mine though — to be able to celebrate a second anniversary somewhere, anywhere, for a job!

    Congrats on finding something you like doing enough to hang in there! Woo!


  2. Vanessa
    Jul 19, 2009 @ 15:55:43

    Well Happy Anniversary to you! 🙂


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