Sit Down and Shut the F*** Up

Everybody in food service dreads the 4th of July. That is supposed to be our “big” day. What we foget is that every day which follows until mid-August is a big day. For the past week we have been wait listed every night from 5:30 until 9:30.

We have a policy of not overloading servers. It doesn’t make anybody happy to receive poor service and crappy food, so we do not seat people until the server gives the okay. Just because there is an empty table doesn’t mean that the server, or the kitchen for that matter, is ready to take on another group of people. Problems arise, some people are more needy than others, or an entire table might want desserts, which takes time for the server to make. Chill out. Get a beer and calm down.

Last night a man bitched at Kir, the hostess, the entire time he had to wait. It was outrageous that he had to stand in line and wait his turn to be seated. He was a single and he should be seated immediately. So when a table opened, Kir took him to it and he told her he didn’t want that table, he wanted a booth. Kir, being only 19 years old, got frustrated and took him to a booth in a different section where the server was already overwhelmed. I would have told him, “Tough shit, this is the table you are getting”, but I’m old and jaded and know that sometime the customer isn’t right, he’s a pain in the ass. People see the young girl hostess and bully her. Only the truly stupid argue with me when I seat them.

Now, if you have an obvious reason why you need a different seat (wheelchair, cane, broken foot, old & feeble, kids to contain) I’m willing to accommodate your needs, but if you are just being a prima donna, that’s not going to fly. Sit where you are seated, eat your food, tip your server and shut up.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. darcknyt
    Jul 20, 2009 @ 14:46:12

    It takes all frickin' kinds ….


  2. Vanessa
    Jul 21, 2009 @ 15:33:40

    LOL "Sit where you are seated, eat your food, tip your server and shut up."

    Ahh, sounds like home! 😉


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