It’s Official

The Manager and his wife are leaving at the end of September. I don’t know what this means for me, but I don’t like it.

The word right now is the restaurant will stay open and The Manager will be here once a month to do scheduling, hiring/firing and an inspection. He will operate as a district manager with the 2 assistant managers doing the day to day stuff.

The other possibility is the restaurant will close and we will all be out on the street October 1st.

Keeping the restaurant open will depend on the crew. If we act like adults who don’t need constant supervision, we will continue to be employeed. For those of you who have worked or are working in food service, you know how laughable that concept is. Without “The Fear of Mike” on a daily basis, it won’t be long before people are stealing food, smoking dope in the parking lot and overall just not giving a shit.

I really don’t like the idea of The Manager leaving. Despite all his craziness, I like he and his wife. They are fair and consistent. You only get hauled into the office when you deserve it and there is no playing favourites. The Rules don’t change on a daily basis. It’s pretty simple: Follow The Rules and life is good, don’t follow The Rules, and expect an ass chewing.

I guess time will tell how this will all play out. I’ve been thinking of doing something different for the winter anyway, but I don’t know what it would be. Cody/Meeteetse aren’t exactly bursting with job opportunities.


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  1. darcknyt
    Aug 05, 2009 @ 00:10:02

    I'm sorry to hear this, Holly, and I hope it doesn't go the bad route.

    Is there another restaurant you could work in? Something of equal quality? I'm sure food service and wait staff jobs are scarce and in demand in a small town, but you've got some good, solid experience and you're good at your job. Maybe that will count for something?

    I'll say a prayer for you. Now is NOT a good time to be out of work.


  2. Holly
    Aug 05, 2009 @ 02:10:50

    There are tons of other restaurants in Cody, but I don't know if that's what I want to do this winter. If I do decide to take another restaurant job, where I go will be based on the other 5 people I have worked with for the last 2 years. We will try to stay together as much as possible, but a restaurant in Cody hiring all 6 of us in the winter is not likely.

    Too bad we are all poor, white trash (well, except for Chetto & Chuno who are poor, brown trash) or we could buy the restaurant and run it as a group.


  3. darcknyt
    Aug 05, 2009 @ 09:12:21

    Yeah, that'd be nice, wouldn't it? Buying an established restaurant where you've worked for a couple of years. Cool idea.

    When I was married the first time, my practice wife and I had a favorite family restaurant we visited on a regular basis. Every few Sundays or so. One day we found it was closed. Couldn't figure out what happened.

    Turns out it reopened a few weeks later, with a new owner. The BUSBOY bought the joint. He saved every nickel he earned during the time he worked there and bought it out from under the owner.

    Don't know how the story ended, but I was impressed. This very young, not-drinking-age kid who was so determined to buy the place he worked he kept at it, living at home and saving money until he could do it.

    Kinda like Spongebob.


  4. Vanessa (DarcsFalcon)
    Aug 05, 2009 @ 16:00:48

    How scary! I'll be praying that it doesn't close down and that you don't lose your job – there's never a good time to be out of work either.


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