Week in Laramie

I left on Monday to take my son to college in Laramie, which is about 6 hours from here. I lived there for 6 years while I was going to school and I always enjoy going back for a visit.

My favourite place to eat in the entire world is Jeffrey’s Bistro in Laramie. As a broke college student in the 90s I would scrape enough money together to be able to eat there once a week and it was always money well spent. Unlike other places where the food can be hit or miss, Jeffrey’s always satisfied with its eclectic menu and relaxing atmosphere. There is something about the old brick building located in downtown Laramie with the Union Pacific trains going by that creates good feelings. It’s a place where I can exhale and enjoy really good food.

Since moving from Laramie 12 years ago, any trip to or through Laramie includes a meal at Jeffrey’s. Monday night I had the grilled portabello with pesto and brie (a portabello cap, lightly sauteed in sherry and garlic butter, stuffed with melted brie and almond basil pesto, served on onion dill focaccia bread), and my daughter had the cherry chicken salad (shredded chicken, dried dark sweet cherries, mayonnaise, sour cream & tarragon grilled on whole wheat bread). It was a toss up as to which was the best sandwich. My son had the grilled chicken sandwich, but it was so good he wouldn’t share.

I didn’t have any soup this trip, but the soup is homemade and always flat out awesome. All meals are served with an appetizer of homemade rolls and real butter. Desserts by Sara require a second trip since they are so rich and decadent, they should be savoured over a cup of gourmet espresso. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time for a second trip and really, my ever expanding ass didn’t need any dessert.

Stay tuned for more on my stay in Laramie tomorrow.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. darcknyt
    Aug 22, 2009 @ 09:00:12

    Last time I went through Laramie was a NIGHTMARE, but that has more to do with circumstances than it did with Laramie. I'll have to see about this bistro next time I pass that way.

    If I ever do.


  2. DarcsFalcon
    Aug 22, 2009 @ 14:38:05

    It sounds like a great place to eat! I can't recall the name of the place we ate at when we were there in Laramie, I think it was a chain type place, on a hill, not far from a Flying J, maybe? Anyway, our server was really sweet and friendly. I liked the town, it seemed quiet and quaint, even though it was a college town.

    I hope you have a nice stay there. Is this your son's 1st year? Congrats on getting him off to college! 🙂


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