…And Another One’s Gone…

One of the cooks didn’t bother to show on Sunday. No call, no show, no job. That’s the rule.

Unfortunately, this was a cook who has been at the restaurant longer than I have. We all like him. We were all worried sick about him because his girlfriend is having a baby and there are a few problems. So we worried all night and tossed out possible theories. The most common statement at the restaurant Sunday night was “What if…”

Monday he strolled in as if nothing happened, as if he still had a job. Apparently, he decided to twist off for a day and get drunk. He figured since he’s been there for years he earned the right to take a “stress day” and blow everyone off. Guess what. When you’ve been there for years you are the example. You don’t have the privilege of not showing up unless you want to be an example on how to collect unemployment.

I also learned that two other servers are leaving. Unless they can hire people quickly this means I’m going to be working 47 hours a day real soon. I hate that shit.

Being around these bozos who cut and run between jobs makes me think less of ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ by Queen and more of the Weird Al version. Laugh or go crazy.


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  1. DarcsFalcon
    Aug 26, 2009 @ 16:13:14

    I just don't understand people who think that having an obligation to an employer is optional somehow.

    It reminds me of a joke we used to have in highschool and were learning to drive. When we'd come to a stop sign, we said the ones with white borders were optional stop signs.

    Think a cop would have bought that crap had we actually taken ourselves seriously and run a stop sign? Consequences! No one ever thinks the consequences apply to them. Sheesh.


  2. darcknyt
    Aug 26, 2009 @ 20:09:31

    I love weird Al. I remember this one well.

    Bummer when someone gets too big for his breeches, ain't it? I've seen this happen at a lot of part-time jobs I've had. Someone just gets over themselves. The only time I didn't see something like it is when I worked at a woodworker's store. Everyone there was mature (read: OLDER) and wanted to be there.

    Sounds like your life is gonna get nasty busy soon. Good luck, sweetie. We'll pray for ya.


  3. steve
    Aug 27, 2009 @ 15:47:30

    See ya to um..unempployment line just a got longer…..hope things dont that bad for ya……zman sends


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