“Our Server Wasn’t Very Friendly”

The server in question was me. Let’s recap all the things I did for you before you complained at the register, which could have caused me to lose my job.

1. You asked if I knew where you could find a Buyer’s Guide. Since I don’t actually live in Cody, I’m not familiar with the news stands around town. Therefore I made an effort to ask all of the servers who do live in Cody if they knew where you could find one.

2. Since no one knew where one was located, I suggested you try the recycling bins at the post office. I got a city map and highlighted directions for you.

3. While taking your order, I realized you were looking for a specific ad so I asked what the ad was for. You told me and I remembered reading the same ad in the Cody Enterprise. I walked out to my car, got the paper for you and gave you the section with the ad.

4. When no one answered your phone call regarding the ad, you asked for a reverse directory. I looked through our stack of phone books and found one for you.

5. The only time I told you “no” was when you wanted to share the special which included the salad bar because The Manager says, “NO SHARING THE SPECIAL WHEN IT INCLUDES THE SALAD BAR!” His rules, not mine.

6. I brought you everything you asked for. I refilled your drinks. I cleared away your dirty plates. I separated your checks after the meal, even though I asked if you wanted separate checks when you were ordering and you said no.

Not once did I roll my eyes, become impatient or even say anything snide about you in the wait station, even though all of the other servers commented that you were very needy. I was hopped up on coffee and chocolate and you were my first and only table. If you had been my last table or one of many, you might have had a reason to complain, but as it was you were so full of shit when you complained, I now want to show you just what unfriendly looks like.

I look forward to seeing you again.


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  1. DarcsFalcon
    Oct 04, 2009 @ 22:40:09

    Well hell, you gave them that kind of service and they had the gall to complain about you? Wow. That's just sad.

    I remember one time Darc and I went out to dinner – this was several years ago – and our server was so awesome we tipped her 25%. We would have tipped her more if we'd have the money. When we got home, I called the restaurant and asked to speak to the manager. He seemed slightly defensive with me at first, but then I told him I just wanted to sing our servers praises and recommend that she get a raise. Her name was Sascha and I will never forget her. If I owned a restaurant, I'd track her down and hire her to be my manager. That's the kind of impact a good server has, and ought to be appreciated. It's a rare thing.

    Don't let them abuse you sweetie. Waitress doesn't mean slave.


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