The Dumbass New Hire, Part 3

Today was my Friday. I was all excited because Darren said I could leave early since I’m working a double for Dani on Saturday. I planned to leave at 5, hang out with the dogs and watch movies. Interesting life I lead, right?

The dumbass new hire was scheduled for a split shift from 11-2:30 and 5-close. At five minutes before 5 she called and asked if I would stay and close for her. WTF?!

First of all, I’m not the manager and I can’t make the decision to approve my own overtime. I told her that not only I couldn’t, but I wouldn’t and gave the phone to Darren. She told him she had a “personal emergency” and couldn’t come in. That left me with the choice of leaving and screwing my co-workers or staying. I chose to stay.

During the next 4 hours Amanda, Kayla and I speculated on what the “personal emergency” was. Amanda and I put our money on the dumbass being at the bar. Kayla said certainly she wouldn’t be *that* dumb since it is so easy to check.

When Amanda & I got off work we cruised by one bar where the dumbass hangs out and she wasn’t there. I felt bad. I thought maybe she really did have an emergency and we were all thinking the worst about her. Then we went by the other bar where she hangs out, the one where she got drunk, stripped and walked naked down main street.

Guess what. She sure as shit was there. She really *is* that dumb. Amanda & I went in to make sure it wasn’t just her car parked in the lot and she was sitting at the bar, talking to the bartender. She didn’t see us since I didn’t want to give her an excuse for not showing up in the morning and I didn’t say anything to her since I didn’t want to end up in jail. Again. I called Darren and told him where she was and exactly where she was sitting in case he wanted to see for himself.

This makes me so freaking mad. It isn’t that my Friday night was ruined, but her complete inconsideration for everyone else. The other servers have been complaining that she is selfish and has an ‘all for me’ attitude. It was very apparent tonight.

So the big question is, will she get fired. I doubt it. The only way she will lose her job is if she doesn’t show up tomorrow. If she shows, she will get a warning and be allowed to keep her job. This is bullshit. We have piles of applications and at least one of those people actually wants a job. I say we find that person.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DarcKnyt
    Nov 18, 2009 @ 00:55:19

    I’m with you. This is inexcusable behavior, and I can’t see any manager worth their salt putting up with this when there are dozens of capable people who would take that job seriously and be dependable and responsible, not to mention courteous.

    I am quite furious over the whole thing. She came to work today, still has a job and everything is fine. I told the manager that when she does it again, don’t expect me to cover for her. He chooses to keep her employed, therefore he can inconvenience himself.

    Time for a staff meeting, sounds like. Sans dumbass, of course.


  2. DarcsFalcon
    Nov 18, 2009 @ 01:55:43

    I say find that person, too. What’s your manager’s number? Want me to call him? I’ll tell him my server smelled of alcohol during breakfast. Heheheheh.

    It makes me so mad that everyone is too butt-clenched to make a decision and fire her. I know we are short on help, but I would be making phone calls and holding interviews and as soon as I found a candidate, I’d can her ass. But that’s why I don’t get paid the big bucks.


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