Radio Ads

Recently, people who get paid more than I do decided to shovel some money into radio advertising.  This would not be a bad thing except our local radio personalities are not known for their creativity.  What they came up with makes me cringe everytime I hear it and honestly, it would make me want to never eat at the restaurant again.

We are a southern style bar-be-que and the ad the radio station created involves two stereotypical southerners making a decision to eat at our restaurant.  It is embarrassing because it portrays southerners as stupid rednecks barely able to form sentences.  The wife is an overbearing shrew and the husband is dumber than a bag of hammers.  If there were visuals to this ad it would be of an older, toothless, fat couple who bicker constantly.  If these are the type of people who eat at our restaurant would you want to dine with them?

I voiced my displeasure with the radio ads to the owner and he said he was grateful he only paid for a few and thankfully they would run out soon.  However, the woman who created the ads was in the restaurant on Tuesday and she was so very impressed with herself and her idiot advertising idea.  She asked everyone, except me, what they thought of the ads and they all gave her the thumbs up.  I think she knew by the look on my face that I thought her ads stunk.  From the sound of things she is planning to run the ads for a long time.

I just hope they are finished before our southern guests show up this summer.  I admit I have an issue with southerners, but it has more to do with their inability to tip than their intelligence.  I believe this ad makes us look like a bunch of bigots and it is in very bad taste.


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  1. DarcsFalcon
    Dec 03, 2009 @ 01:31:28

    I had to laugh because the way you describe the ad, it almost sounds like that couple you blogged about, where the wife “lost” her purse.

    HAHA! They were a much nicer couple than what is on fictionalized on the radio.

    Didn’t your boss have to okay the ads before they were run? I might ask for my money back if I were him. Absolutely, bigotry never looks good, especially for a business.

    The woman from the radio station was about a week late getting the ads to us and by then Darren, who approved them and knew how awful they were, couldn’t reject them and make her start over. All part of her evil plan.

    If it would me, I’d have done something with a couple talking about how the food at your place reminded them so much of Grandma’s when they went to visit her down south, or something like that. Mmmm, this cornbread is just like Grandma’s! Remember that trip to Tennessee?

    ANYTHING would have been better than this. Straight out reading a list of our specials or reading the menu would have been much better and a whole lot less offensive. Good suggestion.

    Maybe next time.


  2. darcknyt
    Dec 03, 2009 @ 12:59:24

    Wow, bigotry and no chance at money back? I disagree. I think your manager could easily go back to her and threaten her with his displeasure. He can also remind her if she doesn’t want to give his money back or redo the ads at her own expense, she can not only speak to his attorney about it, but the ACLU as well. Bet she’d concede then.

    I think no one wants to rock the boat and they are just waiting until the ads run out and then they won’t renew. People around here are used to the outright STUPID ads this station runs (they have one for a carpet store mimicking those two Canadian “hosers” from the 80s. As if that’s relevant or even funny anymore).

    Oh well. No one asked me. No one asked me either 😦 But I’m with you — ANYthing would be better for business than bigotry.


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