Sienna, the Thiever

Sienna is a thief.

Who, me?

If she can escape the yard she steals other dogs’ and kids’ toys.  So far she’s brought home 3 expensive chew toys, countless animal bones left out for the neighbours’ dogs, 2 plastic dog dishes, 2 basketballs, dozens of tennis balls, several action figures, and a small plastic tricycle. (?)  If she knew how to hot wire cars, she’d probably bring those home.

One night I was bemoaning the fact that I didn’t have a 9 inch square pan to fit in my toaster oven.  The very next night Sienna jumped the fence and when she came back, she had a 9 inch square pan full of food. 

Arg!  My neighbours hate me.

When Sienna finds something especially good to steal, she will haul it home and jump back into the yard.  This keeps neighbour dogs from getting what is most likely theirs. 

One day I noticed she was eating something in the yard.  People have been known to toss poisoned meat over the fence of annoying dogs so I rushed out to see what she was eating.  It was frozen meat wrapped in butcher paper.  Looking around the yard I saw 3 more butcher paper wrapped parcels.  There were 2 packs of stew meat and a pack of hamburger.  I found a fifth package of meat on my deck. 

I quickly disposed of the evidence, ushered Sienna in the house and wondered who was missing a shit load of frozen meat.
It didn’t take long to find out. 
Roxanne, my neighbour to the north, was irritated at some people who had used her barn because some of her meat was missing from her chest freezer.  Not wanting to see bloodshed, I told her it was my dog.  I offered to pay for the meat and we had a good laugh at how resourceful Sienna was.  She found the freezer, opened it, pulled meat out, jumped the fence and stashed it in the back yard at least five times.  Since she wasn’t missing for very long, she didn’t waste any time.
I had to make the front section of the fence about 8 feet high before I could end Sienna’s fence jumping days.  I know she misses running wild and stealing from the neighbours, but I don’t miss finding other people’s stuff in my yard.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DarcKnyt
    Jan 11, 2010 @ 01:01:16

    Wow, that’s pretty amazing. You’re still relatively lucky though.

    Once upon a time my parents had a dog who stood about 39 inches at the shoulder. He was a trained attack dog, graduate of a personal school run by a woman who trained dogs to make police dogs look like a bunch of teething puppies. Because he was too large to show, the owner took him to this lady to have him become a guard dog. After that, the owner decided he didn’t want the dog any more and my dad brought him home. Great dog, but he could jump a standard six foot fence from a sit without touching the top.

    He could take off and clear nine feet cyclone fences too. Landings get tough at that height, but he could do it. Imagine the surprise a cat gets when it jumps up a neighborhood fence to get away from a dog only to discover the dog can jump the fence as easily.

    Very fun stuff.

    And that’s a pretty smart dog. Need a 9-inch pan? No problem, saw one at the neighbor’s place. BRB. 😉

    Sienna is a big girl, but not *that* big.

    I’d like to think she theived the pan just for me, but more likely it was someone’s outside scrap pan and it was easier for her to steal it and eat the contents at home at her leisure. I didn’t use the pan as it looked like, well, a dog pan.


  2. Kate
    Jan 11, 2010 @ 01:13:40

    Ohmigod, that’s brilliant. And she could open the freezer! Now if you could just get her to do the chores…

    She does the dishes pretty frequently, does that count. She sometimes does them before I am finished using them. Oh bad dog!


  3. DarcsFalcon
    Jan 11, 2010 @ 13:15:05

    LOL Can she fetch me a winning lottery ticket? 🙂 She sounds like an awesome puppeh. 😀

    All animals are awesome.


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