My daughter’s dog Xerxes is obsessed with her toys and thinks everyone else should be, too.

She also answers to Jerxes and Scrat-dog.

Open wide!

When I visited for Thanksgiving, we all retired to the family room after dinner to watch movies. I lasted for about an hour before I started dozing off. I became aware of a dog breathing on me. I opened my eyes to find Xerxes standing on the couch, right by my head, trying to put her slobbery ball in my mouth. WTF? I have four dogs and not one of them thinks their toy goes in my mouth.

This continued all weekend. Every time I became prone, Xerxes was there with her ball hovering over my mouth.

I have something for you.

Most dogs know that their humans throw toys so they shove the toy into a hand. Maggie drops her toys on my lap. Otis drops his at my feet and sits staring at me until I pick it up and throw it. Sienna prances around trying to entice me into playing. Halo, well, she’s retarded, but she doesn’t try to stick anything in my mouth.

Xerxes doesn’t limit her technique to just me. I recently received a text from my son reading, “If Xerxes doesn’t stop trying to put her ball in my mouth when I’m sleeping, I’m going to punch her.”

I don’t know much about dog behaviour, but I think this is weird. If any of you know why she is so intent on sharing her toys in the most disgusting manner possible, please enlighten me. I think she needs therapy.


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  1. Still Waiting
    Jul 06, 2010 @ 17:34:46

    I don’t know why Xerxes likes to put her ball in people’s mouths, but I did have another odd doggie behavior I’d like to share with you.

    We recently got a Standard Schanuzer puppy. He’s awesome. He only “kisses” if you command “kiss” and he’s not at all slobbery. AWESOME for me, a person who HATES slobber.

    My in-laws have three Pembroke Welsh Corgis and they love to lick. They lick my bare legs, my hands, my hair, and my face…anything they can reach. For two of the dogs, this is just an annoyance and a sharp “NO” will convince them to stop.

    The other dog, though…he wants to French Kiss you! He sticks his tongue inside your mouth! And if you try to circumvent this by keeping your lips clenched together, he will attempt to FORCE his tongue in your mouth.

    I don’t care if a dog’s mouth is “clean”, I don’t want it near my mouth!

    Halo is a horrible licker. She has an anteater tongue and can lick you from 5 feet away. It’s disgusting. Otis will kiss by pressing his doggie lips on my cheek without licking.

    I understand your disgust with the ball-in-mouth thing with Xerxes…maybe someone once played with her and put a toy in their own mouth so she thinks this is okay now? My husband, I am embarrassed to share, will play tug-of-war with the dog rope…by putting one end in his own mouth.

    Naturally, no kisses for him until he brushes his teeth. >_<

    We got Xerxes from the shelter so it is possible someone played tug-of-war like that with her. It’s not happening with any of us.


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