Brat, Brat, Brat

Yesterday I had one of the most ill behaved children I’ve ever encountered.  He was about 3 years old and was so mouthy with his mother I wanted to kick him like a soccer ball.  Of course, it’s her fault for letting him talk to her like that, but I still found it irritating.

He ran all over the restaurant and helped himself to more silverware packets and to-go boxes.  His mother kept apologizing to me, but she didn’t do anything to make him behave.

As I was giving them their ticket, the little brat let out a yelp and we all turned towards where he was standing.  He had taken his $7 cheeseburger, that he hadn’t taken one bite out of, and dropped it on the floor, box and all, by the men’s restroom.

HAHAHA!  Serves the mother right.  I love it when their asshole kids cost them money.  She said she didn’t even realize he had taken the box off the table or that he had left the table.  WTF.  How do you NOT know that your kid has gone missing?  And a kid who never shuts up with the back-talk is hard to miss.

Have fun with him when he hits the teen years.  Have fun visiting him in prison.


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  1. whatigotsofar
    Feb 02, 2010 @ 12:47:15

    I’m not that aged. I’m still a pretty young man. I like to think I’m a young man. Often, I ask my mother “Was I ever like that?” and point to a little shit with no respect for anything. My mother tells me I was a very well behaved little boy. But I do remember being threatened with spankings. I don’t remember ever having been spanked, but the threat of a spanking always worked on me. Don’t know why parents stopped. Also, parents shouldn’t dope their kids up with sugar and caffeine. You don’t need to sedate your children when they are not all sugared and drugged up. Coke was off-limits to me for much of my childhood. But 7-Up was always in the house. Yes sugar, but no caffeine.

    My son was something of a trial for me. He was NOT well behaved. However, he never wandered away from our table or screamed for 20 solid minutes like the kid in Walmart tonight. I didn’t believe in spanking my kids, but I did believe in taking them home when they acted like assholes.


  2. DarcKnyt
    Feb 02, 2010 @ 15:51:00

    I’m with WIGSF; make with a whoopin’ once in a while. The kids will benefit from it if you’re not an abusive parent and do it with love and the understanding that it’s not so much a punishment as it is a deterrent for future behavior.

    Earlier I said I didn’t believe in spanking my kids. That doesn’t mean they didn’t get spanked. They always got a warning that they could either cease and desist or continue and get a spanking. Seldom did they continue.

    But AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! for the burger on the piss-floor.

    HAHAHAHA! I know. That was my favourite part. I laughed about it yesterday and most of today.


  3. DarcsFalcon
    Feb 02, 2010 @ 15:59:01

    SPANKINGS WORK! I’m so sick of the “don’t punish your kid” crowd, those who think you can wish them into well behaved children. No, you have to threaten them into it.

    You are not doing your kids any favours by letting them misbehave and walk all over you. Sooner or later they are going to run into someone who won’t put up with their shit and then enjoy visiting them at the boy’s/girl’s school or prison. And don’t bitch when they pawn your valuables for drugs and steal your car to rob a liquor store.

    If my kids acted like that in public I’d be so ashamed. Right now in the library they are sitting quietly at my feet drawing pictures with another little girl. Behaving. Quitely. And I’m a proud mama. 🙂

    My son could never keep it together in a library. It was as if the forced silence caused all the sound to leave him at once. I know everyone can’t behave all the time. Sometimes I lose control of myself. That’s what the privacy of your own home is for.


  4. Kate
    Feb 02, 2010 @ 19:36:12

    Where I live you can be up for child abuse for even threatening to spank a child. But you can always send (or threaten to send) them to their rooms or remove some treat or other. In a restaurant it would be no dessert or something or not watching a fave TV program when you got home.

    People frown on spanking here too, but there is a difference between discipline and abuse. I think it is abuse when you let your kids do whatever they want and set them up for a hard life.

    WIGSF is right on too much of the sugary caffeine foods. Loading kids up with sweetened drinks is a recipe for hyperactive behaviour.

    Soda and candy were treats when my kids were young, not a way of life.


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