Embarrassment & Disappointment

After church yesterday morning Maggie escaped from the van and ran around like a complete psycho.  Only two men were standing outside the church and since Mags doesn’t care for men, I figured she would avoid them.  But nooo.  She went bounding up to them like they were long lost friends and as I was apologizing for her bad behaviour and commenting that she’s usually not friendly, one of the men reached down to pet her and…growl, snap.  Yeah, just like that.

Stupid dog.  You made me look bad.

My electric fence arrived in the mail on Saturday.  I have an existing fence which I have spent a lot of money installing and a lot of money and time repairing.  Sienna jumps/climbs it.  Halo slithers under and Maggie follows her.  I thought a little electric shock therapy would deter them from even approaching the fence.  This thing was not cheap.

So I spent part of Sunday laying out the wire.  It took about an hour.  In the cold.  I was so relieved when I plugged it in and the red light indicated I didn’t have any breaks.  The manual said to show the dogs where the boundaries are so I spent an hour leading them around the yard and showing them where the beeping started and where it would stop.  Halo managed to jump over a wire and she got shocked.  

Okay, so time for off lead trials.

I opened the back door and let the dogs out and before I could get to the front door to see if they were staying in the yard, I heard them galloping across the deck.  They crossed 3 wires and kept on trucking.  The only dog in the yard was Otis, the one without a collar. 


So I rounded them up and put them back in the yard.  They won’t escape if I’m watching so I stood there and watched them play until they were tired.  Then Maggie & Halo went over and laid down by the fence, practically ON TOP of the electric wire.  I could hear the collars beeping and I figured the dogs thought I bought them some musical collars, you know, music to run away to.  

I called the dogs to me and took off Maggie’s collar to see if it was working.  Yep, it was.  It wasn’t a horrible sensation, but one I’d like to avoid.

According to the DVD that came with the electric training (emphasis on ‘training’) fence, you are supposed to spend 10 minutes a day, per dog, for 4 weeks before you can hope to see results.  You are supposed to train them to stay in the yard.  If I wanted to do that, I would have bought a $20 cattle prod and shocked their asses everytime they approached the fence.

I’m of the mind if you put up a fence, the dog stays in.  If you put up a fence that shocks, the dog stays in more. 

I’m going to replace the batteries and make the collars tighter and if that doesn’t work, I’m buying a cattle prod.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sherri
    Feb 08, 2010 @ 09:47:38

    “music to run away to” LOL

    Maybe it’s time to electrify the whole fence. Or, and this is extreme but humane, you could put these doohickeys we used on our goats. A Y-shaped stick, with the vee under the goat’s neck, and a rope over the top holding it on. It was loose enough so the stick would slip to the sidewhen they lay down, but it got in the way so they couldn’t get through the fence. And yes, it would probably be annoying to the dogs at first, but you said you were trying to keep them in…

    I’m probably not smart enough to make the Y stick thing. Trust me, I’ve thought about electrifying the whole fence. It is wire mesh, with metal posts and I could run a heck of a charge through it.

    I tightened the collars considerably and all three dogs responded to the beeping. When I let them out after work tonight, not even Halo tried to go under the fence. This might work.


  2. DarcsFalcon
    Feb 08, 2010 @ 14:38:22

    4 weeks to train them??!! WTF? I had no idea! I thought you put the collar on, they got the message if they tried to go across the wire. Sheesh, people are easier to train than that!

    My dogs are MUCH smarter than most people I know. It shouldn’t take 4 weeks to add pain and fence together and come up with stay away from it.

    She probably does think it’s musical collars, that was a great line. 🙂 Too bad you can’t return the dang thing and get your money back. Or can you?

    I could probably return it, but I’m going to give it a week and see if they don’t catch on. They seemed to do better with it today.


  3. Kate
    Feb 08, 2010 @ 17:37:22

    Like DF, I’m astonished that it may take 4 weeks.
    “They crossed 3 wires and kept on trucking”. Are those dogs fast or just determined?

    Maggie is greyhound fast, Halo is a little slower, Sienna is determined.

    Wish I had an intelligent suggestion to offer. Thank goodness our dog is small and not determined and stays behind a fence.

    When I had a small dog, she could find the tiniest cracks and escape…which is why she isn’t with us anymore. 😦


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