Saturday Night Special

I was going to write about what cheap shit bastards live in Cody and think they are doing you a favour when they tip less than 5%.  You know, the ones who leave $1.68 on a $30 ticket and tell the cashier to make sure the server gets it, as if the cashier is going to fill up her car and head for Vegas on the stolen tip.  That is so…well…everyday.

So I thought about having a rant on the creep who left Jamie a note on a napkin reading, ‘If you’re not too young for me and interested call me’, but it’s just too obvious.  The pervert didn’t own up to being O.L.D. and is already shifting blame onto Jamie for any relationship difficulities.

It crossed my mind to bitch about all the tables that came in today and decided it was ‘Buy One Salad Bar & Everybody Eats for Free’ Day, but this falls under the Cheap Shit Bastard category.  You see, when people steal from the restaurant, it is the server’s job to charge them for it, which means the thievers don’t tip their server.

Instead I decided to entertain with a little story about what happened after I got home from work. 

Maggie is terrified of going outside now that the electric fence is working.  The fact that she doesn’t have a collar and has only been disciplined by the fence one time two weeks ago doesn’t stop her from shaking like a 70 pound Chihuahua every time I try to take her outside. 

So tonight we were walk/dragging down the hall when her legs got tangled up in mine and I fell flat on my face.  Only my boobs broke my fall and trust me, my A cups aren’t big enough to stop that much velocity.

To make matters worse, it freaked Maggie out so bad, she tried to bite me before she ran and hid under the desk.  Now my wrist hurts, my back hurts, my knee hurts, my head hurts and my boobs hurt.  My pride and dignity are fine since I don’t have those.


Lent F-word count:

Wednesday: 4 

Thursday:  3

Friday:  2

Saturday:  2  

You just don’t know how hard it is to work with the general public without saying that word.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kate
    Feb 21, 2010 @ 03:52:17

    The walking wounded. Poor Maggie, poor you 😦 Hope you have no real /serious injuries!
    Pride and dignity we wrap around us like an invisible cloak (defining pride in this instance as self-respect) and that cloak keeps us warm in a lot of cold places.

    An emergency room doctor once said “I love the human race, I just can’t stand people!”

    I think I agree with the doctor.


  2. steve
    Feb 21, 2010 @ 09:40:01

    I have never understood why people are so cheap. I dont expect folks to leave a huge tip…but 1.65 on a 30 dollar bill..cmon now i dont know how you do it…i would be slappin some folks……hope maggie adjusts well…zman sends

    For the longest time, I assumed people were just cheap with me. Then I started working the register and I see how cheap people are with all the servers. Sometimes I am floored when people have the audacity to pat themselves on the back for the 5% tip when I can see how they have ran their server to death and the mess they’ve left behind.


  3. DarcsFalcon
    Feb 21, 2010 @ 14:09:57

    I am sure that you’d get a lot of offers to massage your boobs if you let it out that they’d been hurt in the fall. 😉

    HA! I hadn’t thought of that.

    Poor puppeh though, and kind of funny that she’s scared of the fence when she doesn’t wear the collar. She sounds like a dog who respects boundaries.

    No, she’s just retarded.

    Several years ago I scared one of my cats when I moved a box in the basement and didn’t know she was behind it. She freaked, jumped onto my leg with all claws flailing and stuck there for several minutes before she could retract. I left a bloody trail all the way up 2 flights of stairs to the bathroom. I’m sorry you’re hurting. *hugs*

    So was the cat terrified of boxes after that? There is nothing quite like having a cat hang from your skin by its claws.


    • DarcsFalcon
      Feb 22, 2010 @ 11:38:38

      No, she wasn’t terrified of boxes per se, just ones that seemed to move on their own. I made sure never to just slide them across the floor with my knee after that!

      Most of my cats have been terrified of the colour red. It is an endless source of amusement, but I make sure to stand back.


  4. Jamie Bowman
    Feb 28, 2010 @ 02:19:41

    ha ha you fell!


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