New People, New Personalities

This week we got three new people: Cora, Heather and Tom.

Cora is the new cashier and I like her. This says a lot since I don’t like new people. She’s Kayla’s friend and she’s sweet and funny like Kayla. I keep teasing Kayla that Cora is going to be my new favourite person.

Tom is a dishwasher. I see him out in the dining room frequently. That’s not right.  Dishwashers are supposed to be in the dish pit. Then I realized he’s cruising the dining room looking for dishes to wash. HE’S LOOKING FOR WORK TO DO! That is the most crazy thing.

Heather is a new waitress and she got off to a slow start. No one has been impressed with her so far and tonight she was cut loose from training to have her own tables. She seemed to do okay, but at the end of the night she complained that a woman at one of her tables flipped her off. Then she said the woman called her a “fat assed bitch.” Either our customers just got a whole lot worse or Heather is craazy. I guess time will tell.

The new hire from December, Little Miss Know It All, is right about on my last damned nerve. I was going over the closing list with Heather and told her we could never vacuum unless we were closed. LMKIA interrupted me and said, “And another thing, you can never vacuum until all the people are out of the restaurant.” Heather snapped, “I think that’s what closed means.”

Then Cora wanted help since her register tape was off from her credit card tape. I showed her the steps to take to narrow down where the mistake was and LMKIA had to shove herself in between Cora and I, and start telling Cora what to do. I politely mentioned that she was supposed to be on break and she said she thought she should stay since we needed her help. Okay. I am twice your age, better educated, and have been working in restaurants longer than you’ve been alive. I DON’T NEED YOUR FREAKING HELP SO GET OUT OF MY FACE. She left right after that.

At the end of the night LMKIA decided she was going to help Cora close the register. Last I heard Cora was supposed to close the register on her own and if she needed help Chetto was there to assist her. LMKIA just didn’t want to close the dining room. Fine. Heather, Amanda and I got all the sidework finished and we left. LMKIA was still confusing  teaching Cora when I drove out of the parking lot.  Dumbass.

I’m sick of her face.


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  1. darcknyt
    Mar 14, 2010 @ 03:21:56

    I can see how you’re sick of someone like that. There’s a LMKITA in every company, at every echelon, in every niche in the world. I find them all the time. God forbid, I might even BE them sometimes. *Sigh*

    I know. We need The Manager to come back and break her spirit.

    And I thought you’d only been a waitress a couple of years? Or is that just at this restaurant?

    I started washing dishes in a restaurant when I was 11 years old. I worked as a waitress through high school and until I was 22. Then again for a while when I was in college the second time. Then I was a cook for a couple of years. Then I was a waitress/cook for a couple more years. I’ve been at this restaurant almost 3 years. I’ve been in food service a long, long time.


  2. whatigotsofar
    Mar 14, 2010 @ 05:40:27

    You need a Revenger.

    Do you know where I can get one?


  3. Sherri
    Mar 14, 2010 @ 07:56:40

    Well at least you got some good people, finally!

    I think two of them are going to be good. I’m not sure about the third.


  4. blogmella
    Mar 14, 2010 @ 09:10:43

    Tom sounds ace. LMKIA on the other hand, sounds awful. They’re similar in that they are both keen to work… But she is all ego about it.

    She was in charge of training Cora for one day and Heather for one day. It went straight to her head. Instead of telling them things that were important to the job, she told them all the gossip–who smokes and who doesn’t, who is dating whom, who is related to whom, how many kids everyone has, who’s married and who isn’t–you know, stuff that’s really important and things new people really care about. Instead of letting the new people try things for themselves she told them to watch her do it. Show off.


  5. DarcsFalcon
    Mar 14, 2010 @ 12:57:59

    I thought LMKIA was on her way out? Or maybe I have her confused with someone else? Either way she needs to go, and your boss needs to hire more like these other 2 new people who seem like they’re interested in doing a good job.

    No, she’s the one who requested vacation time at the same time I did. She’s a pain in the ass.

    How cool is it to like some of the people you work with! Sounds like a bonus to me. 🙂

    I like most of the people I work with, but new people bother me. First, few people actually stay for more than a few months (weeks, days). Why worry about getting to know someone if you’re never going to see them again after a few shifts? Second, out of every 5 females hired there’s one just like LMKIA…one you can’t trust because of all the shit they stir. After a while, if a person looks as if they are going to stay and they aren’t a shit-stirrer, I make friends. Until then I keep my distance.


  6. Kate
    Mar 14, 2010 @ 14:44:24

    Everyone else has said it all, really. Great to have a couple of good people at last. I
    s this LMKIA the same person who wanted vacation when you did?

    Yes. She’s a trouble maker.


  7. Jamie
    Mar 22, 2010 @ 19:31:38

    ahhh just reading this pisses me off and makes me want to cunt punch her

    Do you want to get that close? I don’t.


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