Poor Sport Halo

I tease my dogs.  Just like children, there’s no use having dogs if you can’t tease them and make them feel bad about themselves.

A week ago right before bedtime I teased Halo by pulling the hair under her nose.  I was trying to pull the bed covers back and she was standing on the bed looking at me so I reached up and yanked her nose hair.  It took about 3 yanks before she got the hint and jumped off the bed. 

I got all comfortable in bed with my book before Halo came creeping up beside me; panting, staring and annoying me.  I pulled her nose hair again and laughed at the look on her face.  Her face looked so stupid I grabbed my phone and took a picture.

Stupid Halo

Then I pulled her nose hair.  She looked so dumb I started laughing at her so she snapped my phone out of my hand and ran down the hall with it.  I managed to wrestle it away from her before she did too much damage and got back in bed.  She was obviously pissed off about the whole affair because she wouldn’t sleep with me the rest of the night.

A week has gone by and now at bedtime if I reach toward her nose, she growls at me.  I can touch her nose all day long, but when bedtime rolls around I have to keep my fingers off her snout or she growls like a sissy.  I make fun of her for that as well.

What a poor sport.


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  1. whatigotsofar
    Mar 25, 2010 @ 10:14:44

    My fatherlikes to tease his cats.
    He took a little slice of salami and punched a hole in it. He tied a string through the hole then gave it a lot of slack. He woke me up in the middle of the night to say “Look at dis.” I saw him running down the hall past my bedroom door, pulling this little piece of salami with a string. Once the salami was out of sight, I saw the cat chasing after it.

    HAHAHA! That he woke you up to witness that is funny as hell.

    This other time, my father handed me a cloth bag. You know, one of those bags you put shoes in with the tightenable opening. The bag started to writhe as I held it. “You put the cat in here, didn’t you?”

    I think that was less about teasing the cat and more about getting your arms shredded.

    My father has this sofa he made by himself. Underneath the cushions/padding, the sofa has a row of drawers. I was talking to my father while he was sitting on the couch when I started to hear a cat meowing. “Where’s the cat dad?” He just sat there and giggled. “It’s in one of these drawers, isn’t it?” He just sat there and giggled.

    Okay…this is getting to be less teasing and more submission torture.

    One winter, when there was a lot of snow in the yard, he threw the cat off the balcony into a snow drift.

    I’ve done that. I stand there and laugh, but then I go rescue the cat.

    You going to call the SPCA on my dad, aren’t you?



  2. DarcKnyt
    Mar 25, 2010 @ 11:19:21

    I want both YOU and WIGSF to know I’m going to call PETA on you! … or is that PITA? Oh, I can’t remember.

    HAHAHA! Please do.

    Vicious animal haters! VICIOUS, cruel!!



    • whatigotsofar
      Mar 25, 2010 @ 14:49:18

      Darc, you are aware that if somebody steps onto my property and claims to be a representative of PETA, I will throw bricks at them. PETA is not welcome on my property.


  3. Kate
    Mar 25, 2010 @ 14:42:39

    Warped, seriously warped. Poor little Halo, poor little WIGSF’s dad’s cat. Growl at her Halo, good boy.

    Halo needs to suck it up and stop being a sissy. The only dog allowed to be a sissy is Otis.


  4. DarcsFalcon
    Mar 26, 2010 @ 00:09:12

    You know, I thought there was a show on TV called “When animals attack.”

    There is and it cracks me up.

    Now I understand why. Between you and WIGSF’s dad, they probably will have years of episodes! LOLOL

    Probably. Teasing our loved ones is what makes life worth living.


  5. blogmella
    Mar 26, 2010 @ 00:32:00

    You’re evil! Poor Halo is not “stupid” but DOES look like a cartoon.

    She’s actually pretty smart, but she looks really stupid sometimes. In that picture I can tell she’s busy thinking of ways to get even. The cartoon look is because it was taken with my phone under a reading lamp.


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