I am bored with food.  That doesn’t mean I’m eating less or my pants fit better, it just means I can’t pick out anything worth eating.  

Now that I’m alone, cooking is no fun.  I make too much and it either goes to waste or I’m stuck eating the same crap for days.  Cooking at home also requires forethought and planning, two things I suck at.  If I forget to buy food I can’t just run to the grocery store since it’s an hour away, so I’m left with making a meal out of old dry goods forgotten in the back of the cupboard.  Try making something edible out of soup mix, strawberry jello, and soy sauce.

Yes, I have an entire restaurant menu available to me, but after nearly 3 years of eating the same food, the honeymoon is over.  The daily lunch specials offer a little variety, but it’s a twist on the same old slop.  A few days ago Darren made some kick ass mashed potatoes and gravy to go with the daily special.  When I ordered lunch, I didn’t realize I ordered the last special which Darren had planned to eat.  I offered to order something else or share, but he refused.  He said, “It’s okay.  I’ll make something much better for myself and you’ll be jealous.  Besides, I quit eating my boogers when I was 6, how about you?” 

Boogers or not, it was great food.

Two of the things I’m looking forward to for my vacation are eating at a few of my favourite places and cooking for other people.  I love food and it’s a real low point to be bored with it.

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  1. Brandy
    Mar 26, 2010 @ 14:18:28

    I’m making you a cajun dinner when you are here. mmm gumbo!

    Mmmm…I’m so sick of BBQ.


  2. Kate
    Mar 26, 2010 @ 16:31:32

    “Soup mix, strawberry jello, and soy sauce.” Sounds like one of those TV shows where they get celebrity chefs to make something out of a few strange ingredients. I think that mix would stump them for sure.

    I can usually do something with next to nothing, but when I went looking for lunch that’s exactly what was in my cupboard and I was stumped.

    What style of food does your restaurant do?


    ‘Cos over at my place I offered Mexican but your restaurant probably has that covered?

    I love Mexican food! The only Mexican we have is what’s working in the kitchen.

    Anything can get boring after a while – even chocolate palls if you have it too often.

    The restaurant used to be my favourite place to eat. I’m over it now.


  3. DarcsFalcon
    Mar 26, 2010 @ 17:26:37

    I know what you mean. When you’re on a super tight budget, you’re so limited on what you can buy. I used to love chicken but I’m so sick of it now, but what other meat can you get for $.88lb?

    Spam? Barf. I’m not a big meat eater. If I have cheese, milk, eggs, bread, pasta & cereal I’m good. Oh and corn. Corn goes with everything.


  4. DarcKnyt
    Mar 26, 2010 @ 20:40:02

    I can SOOOO relate to this. I’m so tired of everything I hate life. 😉

    😦 I’m sorry. I admit I’m bored with everything right now…music, books, TV, work & food. I hope some time off cures that.


  5. blogmella
    Mar 27, 2010 @ 00:35:57

    Maybe you could make some curry and have it with rice? Any left-over curry can be frozen and rice lasts ages in the cupboard. I make curry using jars of curry sauce these days (added to lamb, beef or chicken), but making it from a recipe is better.

    I never think about buying rice and I love it. My favourite is jasmine rice, nice sweet flavour. I don’t know about the curry though. Curry is a scary thing, one wrong step and you’re shitting fire for a week.

    Even though we are skint (rhymes with flint, means “broke” – that’s your English lesson for today) I’ve been buying more varied meat recently. We were getting SO bored with chicken (like DF above) and I find that a little meat (lamb, beef) can go a long way, in a casserole full of vegetables. Again, you’d have to freeze any extra but that’s nice – it means you can come home to it another day, when you are tired. 🙂

    I think people eat too much meat anyway.

    Corn does indeed go with ANYTHING.



  6. Bob
    Mar 28, 2010 @ 21:32:50

    I have lots of different food in the house, I just am too lazy to make half of it.

    I have that problem too. And I’m too lazy to shop for it.


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