Stand back

is delayed.  Anna and the new chick Heather got into it AGAIN today and Heather freaking walked out.  I’m not sure what the hell happened, but it started as a Heather freak out before I left for break and ended in a headachy catfight after I got back. 

Heather flipped out right before I left because she had four tables and she couldn’t find her tickets and she didn’t know what she was doing.  She stood at the computer and ranted about the “system” and how she was lost.  Hell, I stand at the computer and rant about the “system” and how I’m lost and everyone ignores me.  I took food to 3 of Heather’s tables and asked if she needed help.  She said no.  I told Anna, Chetto and Heather I would be outside in the parking lot cleaning my van if anyone needed help. 

When I came back from break, Heather started bitching about how Anna wouldn’t help her.  Well Heather, when I asked if you needed help, you said you were fine.  I told you to come outside and get me if you were having problems and you never did.  Anna is 65 years old, crabby and not in tune to your silent suffering.   

Then all hell broke loose.  Neither of them wanted to take Table 13 because, according to Anna, Heather had left the people sitting for 15 minutes and now they were pissed.  According to Heather, the people were waiting for joiners and were in Anna’s section, therefore Anna should take them.  Blah, blah, blah.

I was in the waitstation talking to Amanda who is ready to pop out her kid any second and Anna walked in bitching about Heather.  Heather walked in and Anna left.  Then Heather started bitching.  Anna came back and Heather left.  And around and around and around in a circle they went with me in the middle.  I finally told them both to shut the hell up.  I am NOT a manager.  I DO NOT get paid enough to listen to two bitches fighting.  I CANNOT do anything about it.  Do you feel my headache?

About 5 minutes later Heather came in the waitstation and asked who was going to take Table 13.  I said, “For crying out loud!  Are you two STILL fighting about that?!”  So I went out to take their order.  Then I got a table on the other side of the restaurant.  Then Amanda told me Heather walked out so I needed to take her new table in the middle of the restaurant.  Guess who got screwed?  Me and my customers.  They got shit service and I got 2 shit tips and completely stiffed on a $100 ticket.  Thanks a lot asshole.

Oh, but walking out wasn’t good enough for Drama Queen Heather.  She made the mistake of walking back in and I rolled over on her.  I told her she was selfish, thoughtless, childish and mentally unstable.  She was crying when she left and she didn’t come back.  Stupid bitch.  She was hired to cover my vacation and she didn’t give a shit.  She started threatening to walk out on Day 1 and I hoped everyone could keep their mouths shut for one week.  ONE WEEK!  But no, that’s not how we roll.

I volunteered to work tomorrow and Monday so Darren wouldn’t get screwed.  Little Miss Know It All will be back on Tuesday and can take over running the restaurant.  I’ll still get a week off, it will just start later and I’m okay with that.  I am just dumbfounded that a 33 year old woman would take a job and then shit on everyone without a second thought.  I am dumbfounded at how many people are willing to walk out on a job when there aren’t many jobs out there.  I am dumbfounded that it is so hard to hire a few people who want to work. 

Maybe I’m just dumb.


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  1. DarcsFalcon
    Mar 27, 2010 @ 23:51:38

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    What a freaking brat! No, you’re not dumb, she’s messed up. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this kind of crap – I mean c’mon! We didn’t even pull crap this bad when I was in high school jobs! Okay, maybe kinda this bad. But we were in high school! This woman, this adult, has no excuse to act like a spoiled, selfish child.

    What is wrong with people? She and her husband/boyfriend/whatever just moved here from Washington and I don’t think she realizes what a small town it is and how word gets around. This is unacceptable (but understandable) behaviour from a high schooler, it’s downright shameful for an adult woman. The time wasted on training her and writing a schedule to include her could have been spent on someone else.

    I hope she keeps to her hissyquit, because the rest of you don’t need that kind of crap. Plenty more people out there willing to work, with better attitudes.

    She doesn’t have a choice, she’s done. A few people who quit for the winter are starting to come back so that will help. Shannon starts tomorrow, but she came back to cover for Amanda while she’s having her baby. I’m glad I’m not Darren right now.

    Just wow.


  2. Kate
    Mar 28, 2010 @ 04:10:57

    No, you’re definitely not dumb – but the Drama Queen is. Even if there were plenty of jobs, word would get around about her attitude and no one wants to hire someone like that.

    I wonder if she ruined her chances for work in Washington now she’s in Wyoming. Maybe she’s worked her way through the alphabet.

    It sounds like she doesn’t want to work and is creating reasons not to.

    Hope your vacation plans don’t get mucked up.

    Thanks. I’m sure it will all work out.


  3. Sparty Girl
    Mar 28, 2010 @ 15:07:29

    I’m sorry to hear it. Not completely surprised, but I’m bummed about your vacation. This woman needs to get her head screwed on straight if she really wants to hold down a job. No one is going to want to hire her for anything. Sounds like a good thing you don’t have to put up with her anymore, even if the timing is bad.

    I’m glad she did it before I left so everyone didn’t get screwed. I ended up with an extra vacation day so I’m not complaining.


  4. Jamie
    Mar 28, 2010 @ 20:08:34

    holy shit she was crazy

    You should have been there. You would have died laughing at me yelling at her.


  5. DarcKnyt
    Mar 28, 2010 @ 22:49:10

    Can I reiterate I’m really glad I don’t work where you do? And in a right-to-carry state? Uh-uh, I couldn’t do it. I didn’t do it when I was in high school if it was avoidable. As an adult? I expect EVERYone to act like a grown-up.

    Just sayin’.

    Saying “It’s the way things have always been” doesn’t make it any better, but this is food service and it’s the way things have always been. I don’t think anyone says, “When I grow up, I want to wait tables”. This is a fall back job, what you take when there’s nothing left. This means we get people who can’t find a job anywhere else. We do get people who are great, but they are looking for a better job and when they leave, we have to hire the unhireable.

    Sadly, the grown ups (over 25) act more like children than the children do.


  6. blogmella
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 14:07:39

    I’m glad you told her some home truths anyway. Ugh.

    No one walks out on a shift without either Darren or I giving them some home truths.


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