Our Server Has B.O.

For me, the highlight of any vacation is the dining experience.  I love food, I love good service, I love tipping.  Laramie has some of my favourite restaurants and so far the kids and I have hit most of them.

First up was Tommy Jack’s Cajun Grill for lunch.  This was originally a Cody restaurant, but the owners moved to Laramie and took the restaurant with them.  The current restaurant lacks the charm of the Cody location, but the food, service and blues music are still good.  I had the crawfish etouffee and my son had catfish tacos.

For dinner we ate at my favourite restaurant in the whole world, Jeffrey’s Bistro. The restaurant was very crowded and busy; the service was good and the food was excellent, as usual.  I had a tomato garbanzo soup with feta cheese and shrimp primavera.  All meals are served with warm, fresh baked rolls.  The primavera didn’t have the usual alfredo sauce, but a zesty citrus sauce with basil, tomatos, broccoli and onions. The only drawback to Jeffrey’s is they don’t have shit to drink. It’s beer, wine, water, herbal teas, and all natural sodas. I don’t like to drink alcoholic beverages with meals and I’m not into herbal teas and natural sodas. Give me a Pepsi or Mountain Dew.

Today we had lunch at Grand Avenue Pizza.  By lunch, I mean dinner for the rest of you.  We stayed up until 4 in the morning watching movies, so nobody stirred until around 2 in the afternoon.  Then my daughter had to get ready.  My getting ready involves rolling out of bed and brushing the dog hair off me.  Her getting ready involves curling irons, blow dryers, make-up, hair bows, and sparkley shoes.

Our server at Grand Avenue Pizza had a broken arm and, according to my kids, body odor.  I sympathized with her since I probably smelled the same at Christmas time, and since I was across the table from her.  Twice when she reached across the table to hand me something, she stuck her armpit in my son’s face and I thought he was going to pass out.  The pizza was adequate, Outlaw pizza in Meeteetse is much better.

After lunch we went to Hastings, the book, music and video store and spent a couple of hours wandering around.  I could spend all day in Hastings.  I could write a book in Hastings.  As soon as I walk in I’m bombarded with ideas for quirky, funny books and as soon as I leave, I forget all my ideas.  Maybe I should move to Laramie and live with my kids.  



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DarcsFalcon
    Apr 03, 2010 @ 20:10:52

    Oh it sounds like you’re having so much fun! Staying up late watching movies – heavenly! I love going out to eat too, mostly because I really don’t like to cook all that much. Sorry to hear about your server, but it’s kind of funny. It’s sweaty work and probably hard to take a shower with a broken arm. Poor thing.

    We have a saying at the restaurant: “You’re as useless as a one-armed waitress.” I would imagine it’s impossible to take a proper shower with a broken arm. This vacation has been so great, just hanging out reading and watching movies.

    Have a wonderful Easter tomorrow and the rest of your vacation too. It’s been fun reading about your adventures. 😀

    You too! We went to the Easter vigil tonight and saw the daughter of one of my oldest friends be baptized. It was great.

    And yes, you probably should move down to Laramie!

    I moved because rent is outrageous and it’s colder than hell here. I don’t know if I could live here for long.


  2. DarcKnyt
    Apr 03, 2010 @ 21:32:39

    Wow. I’m in heaven and I’ve only READ about these places. Please send me some of the Outlaw Pizza (because the name’s so effing COOL) so I can try it.

    I would if I could. It is the best pizza I’ve ever had.

    Have a great Easter and enjoy the rest of the time with the kids!

    Thanks. You have a blessed Easter as well.


  3. blogmella
    Apr 04, 2010 @ 02:37:56

    I really loved going out to eat in America. I want to try the things you had – and since I have no sense of smell, I won’t be bothered by the waitress!

    Sometimes that would be such a blessing.

    Hastings sounds like a cool shop. Hastings is the name of a slightly run-down seaside town here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hastings

    The store opened when I was in college down here. It was unusual and different at the time, now it’s much like any other book store. Like the town, it’s slightly run down and is in need of a remodel or a deep cleaning, but it’s still a cool place to hang out for a few hours. It’s one of those places that has a good vibe.


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