I go to this tiny church here in town.  For years Mass has been at 11:30 and typically there are about 25 people with 1 poorly mannered and 6 well mannered kids in attendance.  It is a peaceful gathering.  I sit in the front row, where I’ve sat for years, with the sun shining on me as I soak up my weekly spirituality.

Things have changed.

The retired priest from Cody came out of retirement and brought his following with him.  Now Mass is at 9:00.  In the morning.  I have to drag myself out of bed at around 8:30 and hope I’m fully dressed as I haul ass into town and screech into the lot on two wheels.  If I’m not there before 8:45, not only do I not get my sunshiney front row seat, but I may not get a seat at all since now there are about 50 people with 20 kids in attendance.  Kids crying, whining, falling off the kneelers, slapping each other, screaming, pulling hair and calling names.  I don’t feel spiritual; I feel like I’m at the restaurant.  Most of the time I want to throw up and I can’t get out of the church fast enough once Mass is over.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the retired priest and I’m glad he’s back.  He is very amusing and up on current affairs and technology.  A few weeks ago he was talking about how email and texting are separating us from our families because we don’t talk anymore.  I know this is true in my life.  He discussed the dangers of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but admitted he didn’t “know a tweet from a twat”.  Yeah, that woke me up.  If I had false teeth, they would have been up around the altar.

I know that fewer people will be in church as the days start warming up.  I know that by July there will be about 10 people attending regularly.  I just have to think positive thoughts until then because a rant on how much church is annoying me is really in bad taste.


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  1. Bob
    Apr 12, 2010 @ 20:59:35

    is it possible for you to start going to a different church?

    Only if I want to change religions.


  2. blogmella
    Apr 13, 2010 @ 01:20:13

    Is there a different service you could attend (at your Church)? If the building is open at other times, maybe you could slip in for your quiet moments then. It is a shame that your Sundays have been messed up but I guess it’s nice to see people taking kids to Church. Go on Sundays AND go at another time, imagine how HOLY you’ll be! Hahaha.

    No, it’s a very small church and only has Mass on Sundays at 9am. The priest drives over from Cody on that day and the building is locked all other times. The Cody church is open all day and night and I used to go there at odd hours for the peace and quiet. Maybe I need to start going again before or after work.

    9am does seem very early but it gets it out of the way (I bet the priest thinks that too).

    Most of the people want it at 9am because they are teachers or retired and are used to getting up that early. I’m the only one who works nights and has a problem going to bed before 4am.

    Only religious nuts-cases go to Church here. That said – I might start. I’ve been wanting a spiritual outlet for some time.

    I don’t think of myself as a religious nut, but I like to attend. They have a screaming room for bad kids at the Cody church.


    • blogmella
      Apr 14, 2010 @ 00:08:14

      The Cody church sounds like an idea. And I don’t think you’re a nut – it’s just different here. If anybody I know said they’d been to Church, I’d be like “why?” because people just don’t go, unless they have a special reason. We are a very secular society, despite having the “Church of England”.

      I wouldn’t have guessed that. I thought all of Europe was more religious than America.

      Some Catholics go to Church but the only really religious people locally are those that attend Mosque.


  3. DarcKnyt
    Apr 13, 2010 @ 04:04:04

    Is honesty EVER in bad taste? 🙂 Remember, God sees what’s in our hearts, not just what we show. He’s watching you! 😉

    Then do you think he can shut the kids up and leave my sunshiney front row seat open? And yes, honesty is USUALLY in bad taste.

    (Church can annoy me too; I’m all in with this one.)

    For years it’s been quiet and nice. Now it’s changed and I don’t do well with change.


  4. DarcsFalcon
    Apr 13, 2010 @ 12:40:13

    Sometimes people seem to me to treat church more as a social event – like a book signing – than they do a spiritual time. That makes me sad, in a way.

    As your husband knows, Mass is a rigid ritual. I like that. I like knowing that this comes after that. My friend tells me about her church, people standing up to testify and bellowing out self-serving prayers, and I am mortified. For them it is a social event. I fee that’s all fine and good AFTER the service is over, but certainly not during.

    I’m sorry you’re not “feelin’ it” in church lately. That can make worship seem so much harder than it is.

    I think that’s it. I’m not “feelin’ it”. All I’m feelin’ is anxious and the need to vomit. I think I’m going to start visiting the Cody church during the week and just let Sunday be the free-for-all it’s turning into.


  5. badbadwebbis
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 15:07:30

    Dear lord, I know just what you mean. We are Episcopalian and the church is full of people who are there for the ‘church community’ aspect, which does not work for me at all. I go to church to do private spiritual stuff and it irritates me having to deal with children whose bad behavior is at least tacitly validated by their parents. Also, I have plenty of friends and do not need a bunch of new, jeezly ones, thank you.

    Recently, though, the only good priest they had left for a larger church — she was the campus minister — and I miss her. She was intelligent and treated us as though we were too (which was not always true, but she spoke up to the congregation rather than down)..

    I’m not big on the community thing…go, get your spirit renewed, & go home. Since I wrote that post, things have calmed down and everything is back to normal.


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