Several things converged tonight to give me a ‘Man-I-Wish-I-Wasn’t-Here headache:

  • It was a slow night with a bunch of lousy tippers.
  •  The lawn people fertilized the grass around the restaurant today and the entire building smelled like chemicals.  
  • Shannon contradicted EVERYTHING Jamie said.  If Jamie said, “The sky is blue”, Shannon said, “Well, it’s a shade of blue.”  That shit got old after about 2 seconds.
  • Jamie would NOT stop leaving dirty dishes everywhere.  I threatened to do something obscenely painful to her.

On the upside, there was a woman in Shannon’s section who looked like Phyllis from The Office.

Every time I walked by her table I thought of the “Beach Games” episode where Michael tells Phyllis to dip her hot dog in water “so it will slide down your gullet more easily”.  Eventually, I got the giggles that threatened to be that insane type of laughter where you can’t stop until a rib breaks and/or you pee your pants.  Luckily she left before either of those things happened.

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  1. blogmella
    May 15, 2010 @ 00:04:06

    My ex used to contradict everything I said, to the point that I began turning it into a game. If I ever called him on it, he’d just, erm, contradict me!

    Yet ANOTHER reason why my ex is my EX.


  2. DarcsFalcon
    May 15, 2010 @ 02:44:02

    ROFL @ Blogmella! I had the same thing! I used to walk around sometimes saying “Stop” or “Black” or “Up” just because I knew he’d say “Go, White, Down.”

    YC, the rib-breaking-pants-peeing giggles are the best. 😀 I live for those moments!

    ‘Course, it’s not hard to do anymore, especially after a couple cups of coffee. Ahem! 😉

    Or a big sneeze.


    • Blogchik
      Jun 01, 2010 @ 21:00:51

      I had a coworker like that once. Everybody in the office HATED her, but it was a government job and she had tenure. Eventually she got a transfer to another department–I pity the people she got foisted on. She always cozies up to new people til they realize she is crazy…

      There’s always one or two in every job that make you wish you’d stayed home…or taken the job on the garbage truck.


  3. whatigotsofar
    May 15, 2010 @ 09:12:10

    Why do you wish for man to grant you said wish? Do it yourself!

    I should have said it was a Wow-I-Wish-I-Wasn’t-Here headache. We all know men don’t grant wishes. 😉


  4. DarcKnyt
    May 15, 2010 @ 13:19:21

    I don’t think she could contradict EVERYTHING Jamie said. That’s impossible. 😉

    Jamie does say a lot, but Shannon gave it her best effort.

    Have a happy weekend.

    I will and you do the same.


  5. Jamie
    May 25, 2010 @ 21:53:41

    hmph…don’t remember this night. haha

    Only because you were the one GIVING the headache rather than receiving it.


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