I had to work with LMKIA today and I very nearly quit.  I actually sent texts to friends who are servers at other restaurants to see who is hiring.

Things started out okay then we got busy.  While I was in the back making an ice cream sundae, the cooks called me for an order.  As I was walking through the waitstation to the food window, with the sundae in my hand, LMKIA said, “Your food is up.  You need to take it out.”


I bit my tongue and continued out to my tables.

When things calmed down a bit I noticed a woman standing by the register who looked as if she needed seated.  I approached her and greeted her.  She said she was there for an interview.  Meanwhile, LMKIA hauled ass across the restaurant just in time for the woman to finish her sentence.  She butted in and told me the woman was there for an interview and I didn’t need to worry about it.


I spent a large part of the day thinking about the precise issues I have with LMKIA and writing a resignation letter in my head.  I gave my two weeks notice back in January over this girl and I’m thisclose to doing it again.  This chick has managed to piss off Anna to the point the air vibrates around her.  When one person has the two oldest servers, both in terms of age and length of employment, mad as hell it’s time to take notice.

I first talked to Boy Cook Zach about my issues.  He had a good point.  When the new servers have a question or a problem, they come to Anna or I.  We are the ‘go-to’ people.  However, LMKIA constantly contradicts, adds to, interrupts and/or takes over the situation until Anna and I walk away.  LMKIA prances around the restaurant acting as if she is Darren’s second in command and no rules apply to her.  Today she did not carry one bucket of ice, wrap one bit of silverware or change one bucket of sanitizer water.  She half-assed did her opening duties and I wasted time doing her work instead of attending to my customers. 

After talking to Zach, I clearly outlined my issues to Darren.  They were:

  • Rules apply to everyone, including her.
  • She is NOT my boss.
  • She WILL stop marginalizing Anna and I.
  • She is no one’s supervisor.
  • She WILL do her share of the work.

Darren promised to talk to her and make some changes.  I promised if he didn’t, I was going to.  She’s either going to take two steps back or she’s going to see the REAL me and that isn’t a pleasant sight.


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  1. blogmella
    May 18, 2010 @ 00:16:10

    Woah, you are really angry and I don’t blame you. I hope Darren sorts her out – for HER sake.

    Angry doesn’t begin to cover it. I thought I had come to terms with the little brat, but her behaviour today flat pushed me over the edge.


  2. DarcsFalcon
    May 18, 2010 @ 01:26:39

    You go girl!

    Seriously, sometimes you just have to stand up. And if you were going to do this a few months ago, I know you’ve looked into other jobs around town, and with tourist season coming on, it should be fairly easy to get a job around there, right?

    Behind you all the way!

    I shouldn’t have let this go on for so long. It is not like me to put up with bullshit, but we were short staffed during the winter and I didn’t want to create a hardship for Darren. Instead, I’ve created a hardship for myself.


  3. whatigotsofar
    May 18, 2010 @ 03:57:41

    I could sure go for a nice catfight right about now. Do any of the guys in the kitchen have cellphone cameras?

    HAHAHA! Yes they do, but one of the cooks is her brother in law. He’ll pull me off her. 😦


  4. Sherri
    May 18, 2010 @ 05:41:21

    Kick her ass!

    I have very strong violent images in my head involving her. That is never a good thing.


  5. Bob
    May 18, 2010 @ 06:41:12

    Don’t quit over the girl. Make her life a living hell and get her to quit!

    That is my usual MO. When the old manager wanted to get rid of someone he turned me loose on them. I can be a real shit. Because I didn’t want to cause problems, I’ve been nice. I’m done with that shit.


  6. brknhrt75
    May 18, 2010 @ 08:41:03

    I’m with Bob. 🙂

    Me too and I warned Darren. He’s known me long enough to know it will get ugly.


  7. DarcKnyt
    May 18, 2010 @ 09:29:13

    I’m in Bob’s camp too. Make that little punk cry every night for a week and see what comes of that. Or get her outside and b!tch-slap the spit out of her mouth, see if that wakes her up.

    Or start making Darren’s life miserable until he does his job and fulfills his promise.

    OR, do what you think is best in this situation and know we’re all behind you (whatever that means from a bunch of Internet people you’ve never met, heh).

    You’re good at what you do, and I know the restaurant will recognize that eventually. Here’s to hoping they do so before you leave.

    I plan to start with a few “Who do you think you are?” followed with some “Who died and made you the boss?”. I’ll spice it up with some “Seriously?” questions and before long there will be tears. I haven’t been living by my maxim: “If somebody’s going to be mad, it’s going to be you.”

    I hate the idea of quitting as we are rolling into tourist season. There is waaay too much money coming my way to quit over a idiot twerp.


  8. Sparty Girl
    May 18, 2010 @ 14:08:43

    You don’t need to quit. Darren should be taking you extremely seriously. And if he’s not (or can’t get ‘er done), than you need to make LMKIA quit with a few carefully (or not so carefully) chosen words.

    She’s in your territory and you’ve been nicer to her than you ought to have been. Take her out.

    I work with her again on Saturday. She better have a changed attitude or I’m going to have one.


  9. blunt delivery
    May 18, 2010 @ 22:27:42

    there was this host/bartender at olive garden where i worked.

    she can suck it.

    i walked out and never went back.

    the only thing i regret is that i can’t show my face there now and they have the best tiramisu ever!

    That’s unfortunate. I would hate not being able to go out for a great dessert. 🙂

    There are people everywhere who get under our skin and even though we are smarter than they are and know what they are doing, we just fall into their trap and self destruct. This girl is pushing me to self destruct because I haven’t been myself around her. I need to be myself.


  10. Jamie
    May 25, 2010 @ 21:58:57

    that sounds like what happened with raechal and i in the morning shift. oh well….

    Really? I didn’t hear about that one. Raecheal needs to stop being in such a hurry to leave that she doesn’t do her side work. That shit is getting old.


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