Getting Even

Anna has the misfortune of getting a certain local family in her section every time they come to the restaurant to eat.  They leave a gigantic mess as the parents and the three kids throw food, drinks, newspapers, napkins, silverware and glasses on the floor under and around the table.  Typically they tip from 0-5 percent while they run Anna’s ass off and steal from the salad bar. 

My evil smile.


I had them in my section a couple of nights ago and I smiled my evil smile. 

We were a little busy so I couldn’t get to them right away.  Once I did, I kept the evil smile on my face as I poured only one glass of water since the other three glasses were already on the floor.  I smiled at the man while he was rude about his order and the woman wasted my time by changing her mind three times before she decided on the Atkin’s Special (1 trip to the salad bar and a side of meat).  

I didn’t say a word when the woman came back from the salad bar with just a little bit of salad on her plate, which she shared with everyone at the table.  I was all smiles as the kids pulled napkins, sugar and sweetener packets out of the caddy and threw them on the floor.  I smiled more when the kids threw all the silverware on the floor. 

When their food arrived they needed silverware, but I was really occupied with my other tables so the woman had to get up and get her own.  Then they asked for napkins, but I was really having an off night and couldn’t remember anything or get organized enough to bring them a bottle of ketchup to replace the one under their table.  I hate nights like that.  I did give them reasonable service, but I just couldn’t get it together enough to restock what they let their kids destroy. 

As their dinner progressed, I watched the growing mess under their table and instead of getting pissed, I waited for my chance to get even.  I knew it was coming and sure enough, the woman made her way to the salad bar with her dirty plate.  I met her there and told her the price she paid for the Atkins Special was for ONE trip to the salad bar and if she wanted another I would have to charge her full price for the salad bar and $4.50 for the side of meat.  Ahhh, who’s pissed now? 

As soon as she made her way back to the table and told her husband about the salad bar, I hurried to their table and asked how their meal was.  They both glared at my smiling face and I know an evil chuckle escaped my lips.  

They didn’t complain at the register, but they left mad.  Don’t fuck with your passive/aggressive server when she has nothing to lose. 

Anna would be so proud. 


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  1. Heif
    May 26, 2010 @ 10:07:40

    I couldn’t wait to read this after seeing the title! Oh, and the Evil smile…priceless

    That’s just what I look like. Hope the story lived up to the title.


  2. Catherine
    May 26, 2010 @ 10:28:09

    I love it when people dont get away with that kind of crap. It would be great if it taught them a lesson but some people arent smart enough to learn.

    They will be back and do the same crap, but they will most likely request someone else’s section. Yay for me.


  3. Bob
    May 26, 2010 @ 10:42:47

    I don’t understand how they allow their kids to put everything on the floor. I also don’t understand how you cannot tell them to stop letting their children put everything on the floor. Tell them if their kids put all the cutlery on the floor then you don’t get more cutlery. Would you really be missing their business?

    I wouldn’t miss their business at all, however, it isn’t my restaurant. If it were my restaurant there would be a lot less bullshit going on.


  4. tipsfortips
    May 26, 2010 @ 13:03:08

    People rarely appreciate how much impact the server has on their check. If there is an issue with something at a table, how I preface it makes all the difference in the manager’s response. If I say, “Table 24 got tired of making up things to complain to me about and now they want to complain to you.” to a manager you won’t get anything for free. If I say, “Table 24 wasn’t happy with their meal and I think we should take it off.” it will be comped before the manager gets there.

    They also don’t realize how a server can sell a price. The upgrade I was referring to was only a couple of dollars, but I made it sound like it would be ten dollars more. They had the most awful dining experience because they were trying to give me the worst working experience. Face it, I can make more things go wrong for you than you can for me.

    I had a similar table one night about 13 years ago (yeah, I am old). They were dumping their glasses out under the table and then asking for a refill. They apparently found this funny. They apparently didn’t know that it was my last night and I started a new job on monday. I figured it out before their app arrived and let my coworkers know what was going on. As they asked me for a refill I said, “I will be right back with that.” If they asked a coworker, they replied “I will have your server right with you.” When they asked for a manager, I sent the right one over. He walked over, looked under the table as he did, and they didn’t have the nerve to complain anymore. Still one of my greatest restaurant moments.

    That is a good one!

    We get buses of kids and it used to be that one boy would spit in another boy’s drink. Boy A would ask for a new drink since Boy B ruined it. Then I started giving Boy B the ruined drink and taking the good drink away. Boy B could either drink his own spit or water. Boy A got water. Nobody was going to complain to the coach for behaving like morons. After my first year at the restaurant word must have got around the state because boys don’t spit in each other’s drinks in my section anymore.


  5. Sparty Girl
    May 26, 2010 @ 15:39:07

    You’re my hero. I wish I could have an equivalent moment at my work.

    I can teach you how. 🙂


  6. whatigotsofar
    May 26, 2010 @ 16:02:29

    Fucking dirt bags like that should be put in the town stocks and have rotten tomatoes hurled at them.

    I completely agree. There was a time where people were held to certain standards. My mother would have killed my brother and I for behaving like animals in a public place. Back in the day restaurant owners would have thrown people out for acting like this. Now everyone is chasing the dollar and too worried to run off a customer. I say people like this don’t deserve to be customers.


  7. DarcsFalcon
    May 26, 2010 @ 16:35:52

    I agree with WIGSF. It’s bad enough the adults have to behave that way, but to encourage their kids to do it to is just terrible.

    You should see what happens when the whole family (grandma, grandpa, kids and grandkids) comes out to eat. These are not trailer trash sorts of people; they have money and respectable jobs.

    Once when we took the kids out to eat, kids from another table were running around making a lot of noise. My son watched them for a while. I said to him, “See those kids? Now do you understand why we don’t let you run around that way?” He nodded his head and said, “They sure are loud and rude!” If my kid can get it, so can others. Parents need to be parents.

    Parents don’t want to be parents, especially in restaurants. I can tell you horror stories that go back 20 years. These are the kids of the first generation of parents who didn’t make their kids sit down and shut up in public. Now their grandchildren are out of control.


  8. DarcKnyt
    May 26, 2010 @ 19:12:36

    Man. Just … man. (What can I say that hasn’t already been said?)

    Where’d that smile image come from? Someone on deviantART is using it as their avatar. It looks like a familiar character, but I can’t quite place it.

    I found it on google. It doesn’t strike me as familiar, unless it’s from The Nightmare Before Christmas.


    • Cindy
      May 26, 2010 @ 22:13:54

      I want to say it’s from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch, but I can’t be 100% sure cause it’s been forever since I saw the movie.

      I was thinking maybe Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas, but what do I know.


  9. brknhrt75
    May 27, 2010 @ 10:17:14

    Great! I’ve always been told that being passive-aggressive is a negative trait. Not when you do it! 😉

    Oh, it is a negative trait and one I wish I could rise above, but it’s just so darned much fun.


  10. blogmella
    May 27, 2010 @ 15:23:23

    Like salad – revenge is a dish best served cold. 😉

    It is, isn’t it. I love when I have an Ace up my sleeve and I wait to play it.


  11. Blogchik
    Jun 01, 2010 @ 20:24:10

    Bravo! You absolutely did the right thing.

    They probably let their children behave the same way at home. Little savages. I used to work at Borders and the kids would regularly tear up the children’s section while the parents blithely ignored it. There was a pile of damaged stock every night. How I longed to tell the parents to stop ignoring their kids while they tore up the pop-up books and took toys out of packaging. Whatever happened to, “You break it, you buy it”?

    Thanks for stopping by!

    I was a regular customer at Hastings when I lived in Laramie. I can’t tell you how many times I yelled at parents for letting their kids ruin books (as a customer, I could do that). They should be teaching their kids respect for books rather than letting them destroy everything in sight. As usual, I blame the parents.


  12. Jamie
    Jun 03, 2010 @ 21:43:22

    oh yay! i must admit i did you one better today, though! I’ll tell you tomorrow when you com in! this was so good. you’ll have to tell me who these people are?!?!

    You know who they are. Anna usually gets them and if they are going to come in, it’s on a weekend.


  13. thoughtsappear
    Jun 04, 2010 @ 07:35:22

    When I waitressed, I hated when children made huge messes. Love the evil smile!

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I guess it isn’t kids I don’t like, it’s the messes they leave behind.


  14. Pam
    Jul 24, 2010 @ 07:58:00

    Ha! People really should consider the power that customer service people have over them. I work at a hotel front desk, and when people make endless phone calls before they arrive, asking stupid questions and wasting my time, I put them in our worst rooms. Don’t piss off the people working in hospitality…we give as good as we get.

    No shit. I can’t believe people don’t get it. We have the ability to make your stay or dinner miserable. Be nice.

    Thanks for stopping by. Always a pleasure to hear from people in other parts of the hospitality industry.


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