The Second Dumbest Question

I recently reposted “The Dumbest Question” because it is frequent and pervasive.  On Saturday night a woman asked me the Second Dumbest Question.

She was a very enthusiastic person, keen to be just like the locals.  She obviously missed that we are a southern barbecue restaurant in northern Wyoming.  I asked her, her husband and her two teenaged kids for their drink choices and she gushed that she wanted to try the sweet tea.  I recently used one of the old special boards to make a sign reading, “SWEET TEA!  We have it!” to maybe cut down on the number of times I’m asked in a night if we have it.  When she asked if it was served hot or cold, I knew she read it off the sign and had no clue what was going on.

Her husband ordered a beer, milk for the daughter and the son asked for Iced Tea.  I named the drinks as I set them down on the table.  “Sweet Tea, Budweiser, large milk and Iced Tea.” 

The woman asked, “What’s the difference between the Sweet Tea and the Iced Tea?”

I thought the boy kid was going to choke on his tongue.  “Really, mom?!” he asked before I could respond, “Uh…sugar.”

It’s good that parents embarrass their teenaged kids, but this was a little extreme.


Since I’m feeling generous, I’ll give you the Third Dumbest Question I get in the restaurant:

“What’s the difference between the beef sandwich and the beef dinner?”

“Uh…one’s a sandwich and the other isn’t.”  WTF?!


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  1. DarcsFalcon
    Jun 28, 2010 @ 13:39:59

    LOL Stupid is now a pandemic. Darc and I were just talking about that earlier. 😀

    It really is. I see far more stupid people than anyone should.


  2. DarcKnyt
    Jun 28, 2010 @ 17:14:42

    Yes, human stupidity seems to know NO limits. Build a sign to make the restaurant dummy proof, and someone simply builds a better dummy.


    I just wish I could tell people how stupid they are without getting in trouble.


  3. whatigotsofar
    Jun 28, 2010 @ 17:55:42

    doesn’t ice tea have sugar in it too

    I’ve got a half dozen cans of ice tea in my fridge right now. All got sugar in ’em.

    Not fresh brewed Iced Tea. It’s just tea and water. Sweet Tea has the sugar added. If you want sugar, you have to ask for it.


    • Sparty Girl
      Jun 28, 2010 @ 20:19:16

      Iced tea is not supposed to have sugar in it. Adding sugar is how Southerners have subverted iced tea for their own purposes. Now Micky D’s is doing it and so the rest of the world now can’t tell the difference. I’m from one of the Northern states, BTW, I learned about Sweet Tea the hard way one time when I was visiting Kentucky. 🙂 Never made that mistake again.

      I never liked sugar in my tea until this summer. Now I even make sweet tea at home.


  4. beckyb26
    Jun 28, 2010 @ 18:19:55

    You’re so funny. “One’s a sandwich…WTF!” LOL!

    Sigh. Stupid people.

    Honestly, I don’t understand the questions most of these people ask. Some things shouldn’t have to be explained. Asking what kind of fish is used in the fish sandwich is a valid question. Asking me to explain what a sandwich is, is not a valid question.


  5. blogmella
    Jun 28, 2010 @ 23:50:48

    Boiling water, a tea-bag, milk and possibly some sugar… That’s how you make tea.

    Yes, but over here we add ice. American diners who order hot tea are fussy and generally a pain in the ass.


  6. redriverpak
    Jun 29, 2010 @ 16:09:59

    Sweet Tea….. Here in North Texas, they actually use the stuff in place of Plasma in the local hospitals…… Not me though, I am a Pac NW native and still refuse to drink the stuff…. Love your blog! Have a great day!

    It took me a long time to try it, but I’m a sugar whore and now I can’t get enough of the stuff. I’ll be buying shirts from Big Bob’s Tent and Awning soon.

    Thanks for stopping by. Love your blog too!


  7. The Snide Server
    Jun 30, 2010 @ 12:08:59

    Ah, the dumb questions. People seem to love sweet tea with a passion, sometimes to a point of fault. A table ordered sweet tea one time. As I was walking away to fetch their drinks, they flagged me down.

    “We just want to double check you heard us correctly. We want ‘SWEET TEA’, you know the one with the sugar already added.”

    They ended up adding more sugar to it because it was too weak. People need to put down the sugar and back away. Slowly.

    Arg! Sugar and ranch are the downfall of America.


  8. denouement32
    Jul 03, 2010 @ 13:23:19

    My hat’s off to you. You must have the outward temperament of a monk! In my early 20’s, I tried waitressing for 2 months and that’s all my blood pressure could stand. The back-breaking straw was when this table argued me DOWN because they said they wanted fajitas, but they didn’t know that burritos were NOT fajitas. I even explained what burritos were, and they kept saying “NOOO (in that tone that makes me wanna put my fist in their teeth), that’s a fajita!” Management had to be called, he said the same, and I got NO apology, esp. no tip! Asswads…

    People are stupid. I had some woman read the menu to me in a very condescending tone to prove I was wrong. She got to the point where she was reading out loud exactly what I said and her words just died off. The whole table smirked at her. I love stupid when it’s out loud.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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