My Bad Awful Day

Yesterday started out so well and then turned to shit.

  • Darren called me an hour before work and told me one of the servers was in a boating accident on Wednesday and was still unconscious in the hospital in Casper.  She did finally wake up last night, but judging from the pictures her boyfriend sent, I’m surprised she’s alive. 
  • Right before work I realized Halo and Maggie were out of the yard.  They found the biggest, blackest mud hole and romped in it until they were soaked and stinky.  I washed them in the duck pool and with the hose, but they still smelled bad.  I managed to lure Halo into the shower with me where I gave her a good scrubbing, but Maggie was having none of it.  She still stinks.
  • When I got to work I checked my phone for messages and put it in my purse.  I dropped my purse in the parking lot and later when I checked my phone for messages, the touch screen was completely shattered.  I’ve had that phone for 3 months and I’ve already ruined it.
  • Some guy who owns one of the cockroach motels in town ordered take out.  When he came in to pick it up he said we should deliver.  I shrugged and said we didn’t really have the staff for it.  He got a little bitchy and said it was something we should consider in the future, as if the restaurant had just opened.  I was running a credit card and not giving him my full attention and again shrugged and said in neither winter nor summer did we have the staff for it.  He asked if I was the owner.  Angel and Goth Girl happily supplied that I was not the owner.  He yelled, “Why am I even talking to you?”  Hell if I know.  I walked away to return the credit card slip to my table and he continued yelling, “You don’t even know what you’re talking about.  Maybe if you owned a business you’d do as I suggest.”  Well one thing I DO know is customers ask me for motel recommendations about 10 times a day and YOUR motel will never be mentioned.  Asshole.
  • Broke, cheap ass bikers are heading home from Sturgis.  Five dollars on an eighty dollar ticket is bullshit.

Tomorrow is another day.


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sherri
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 05:10:19

    Sorry you had such a shitty day. 😦

    Today has to be better!


  2. Sparty Girl
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 14:24:40

    Well, maybe you got it all out of the way at once and the whole weekend will now be wonderful! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. 🙂

    It couldn’t be much worse.


  3. beckyb26
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 17:38:08

    I feel your pain. I had a super shitty day today, but am glad it’s Friday so I have the next 2 days “off.” 😀

    Hope your weekend goes fantabulously!

    Me too. I think I’d lock myself in the house for two days if I had the time off.


  4. Ahmnodt Heare
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 19:19:34

    I hope your co-worker is doing better.

    She might get out of the hospital tomorrow. She showered today and they found another gaping hole in her head so they aren’t sure if they will release her or not.

    I also hope Maggie doesn’t smell any more.

    Maggie is a stupid whore.

    A small business owner like Mr. Roachmotel should know to treat other businesses in the area politely as that’s where many referrals come from.

    I don’t think he’s from here. He’ll either figure out the whole referral process or he’ll leave in a huff because no one wants to do things his way. We have a bumper sticker here that reads, “You’re in Wyoming now. We don’t give a shit how you did it back home.”

    Bikers on the east coast tend to be more like the “Wild Hogs” bikers.

    I haven’t seen that movie in years. I’d probably poke my eyes out if I watched it now.


    • beckyb26
      Aug 14, 2010 @ 07:42:16

      A gaping hole in her head? Oh my god. I hope she recovers.

      Another gaping hole in her head…more than one. I can’t believe she’s alive.


  5. DarcKnyt
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 22:25:39

    Hopefully, this was your week’s worth of shitty and it’s all uphill and sunshine-rosy-Disney-doe-eyed-birds from here. 🙂

    I’m ready to sit in the corner and wimper.


  6. Fuck My Table
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 22:50:22

    Damn, damn, damn! I read this before going to work and I had the shittiest night ever.

    We work in partners and my partner did NOT pull her own weight. I did all the work and she made more money than me.

    I made $60 tonight when I had $670 in sales. That’s less than 10%, as I’m sure you noticed. We were ridiculously busy tonight, so I worked my ass off for that $60 and, like I said, my lazy buddy made more.

    I would HATE the buddy system unless I could pick my buddy. Jamie and I would kick ass and make some money. I can’t think of a single other coworker I wouldn’t kill on the buddy system. Most of them are either stupid, lazy or both. I haven’t disliked my coworkers this much since the first summer I worked at the restaurant.

    I TOLD you you’re bad luck! I’m going to have to refrain from reading on days that I work from now on or something…I must save myself!

    I am sort of a lightning rod.

    I do hope this weekend is better for you than yesterday was. Mr. Roach Motel is a pompous ass. Just feel good in knowing his character (or lack thereof) will ultimately be what makes his business fail.

    That and all the roaches.

    And I hope your coworker is okay…wow! Sending good thoughts and wishes her way.

    Thank you. I think she needs all the prayers she can get.


  7. morethananelectrician
    Aug 14, 2010 @ 04:17:06

    Hey! At least the bikers didn’t run out on the bill!

    The only way to give that motel owner what he deserves is doing just what you said…not referring business his way.


  8. redriverpak
    Aug 15, 2010 @ 14:09:20

    I think the kid and I took the route north that bikers from Texas and Oklahoma use to get up to Sturgis. Saw hundreds of them all day long on the first day of our trip.

    It’s a pretty massive rally and it seems to get bigger every year.


  9. DarcsFalcon
    Aug 16, 2010 @ 01:24:15

    I’m so sorry you had such a lousy day! At least you didn’t get into any boating accidents, whew!

    Your poor phone! Can you get it replaced?

    It was insured so I had to pay a $90 deductible. Eeek! My new phone arrived in the mail yesterday and I plan to buy a leather case for it.

    Motel guy needs to learn a thing or 2 about how to treat fellow businesses. What a jerk. Yeah, delivery is a great thing but not every place does it. Don’t we know that living here? We only get Chinese food and pizza. Couple of other places, but it’s over $50 with what they charge and so not worth it. Heh, even the Chinese food place is getting pricey.

    Delivery isn’t cost effective. First of all, it isn’t going to be free delivery. My employer would either have to furnish a delivery car (gas, tires, oil, insurance) or he would have to compensate the employees to use theirs. Plus, he would have to pay a delivery driver the same wage he pays the other back of the house employees. He’s going to recoup those costs in delivery charges, which no one will want to pay. In the end, it’s easier to just have people pick up their own damned food.


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