The Bloody Brilliant Blogger Award

The fun thing about awards is you get to show off.  Think of it as the Academy Awards for bloggers.

Awarded 9/08/10


Yes it fits, and yes I do look that good.

My normal outfit is a tee shirt, jeans, and Crocs, so when accepting this award I’ve decided to wear Cate Blanchette’s dress from the 1999 Academy Awards ceremony.

 The only difference between Ms. Blanchette and I is I have better hair.  I have time to condition my tresses, but I’m sure if she would stay home instead of making movies all over the world, she’d have beautiful hair, too.  You can’t have everything. 

Since there is no such thing as a free lunch (or a free blogger award) there are terms and conditions attached.  I have to thank the person who gave it to me, share seven things about myself and give it to others who I feel are deserving. 

 No sweat right?! 

I’m so desperate for attention, I almost wore JLo’s 2000 Grammy dress, so naturally, I’ll accept the terms and conditions.  Also, I didn’t want any of my blogger friends broken and bleeding while they fought over me showing Ms. Lopez how to make that dress work. 

Calm down, fellas. There's enough to go around.

 I received the award from two wonderful ladies, Molly Malone at Life of Cynicism and Izzy Darling at The Whatever Factor.  Both women write incredible blogs and I’m grateful for their adulation, but  if they think I’m listing 14 things about myself they are dead wrong…unless they have vodka.  A little vodka and I’ll overshare about myself AND everyone I know, plus I’ll tell you everything I think you need to know.  Good times. 

 So, seven things about myself.  It’s no coincidence that there are seven deadly sins. 

 1.  Lust–I like younger men…much, much younger. 

 2.  Gluttony–I work in a restaurant where I always have something to eat, and young men willing to feed me.  ‘Nuff said. 

 3.  Greed–I’m not greedy.  I learned to share in kindergarten, but I decide what I share.  In most things, there’s plenty to go around. 

 4.  Sloth–I am the laziest person I know.  Some days I think about waiting tables in a wheel chair. 

 5.  Wrath–DO NOT piss me off.  Your parade will turn into a shitstorm of epic proportions.  Really. 

 6.  Envy–I’m not an envious person.  I’m happy when others succeed and try to help them in any way I can. 

 7.  Pride–I am vain, stubborn, and prideful.  I will cut off my nose to spite my face and say I don’t care.  But I do care. 

 Before I leave for the round of award parties here’s a list of some of my favourite blogs.  I have great people in my blog roll too so be sure to check them out. 

 Cooking up a Revolution  Stories from the back of the house.  It’s hot in the kitchen. 

 The Only Slightly Cranky Waitress She works for a corporate restaurant and hasn’t killed a manager yet.  She deserves an award for that. 

 Vodka and Ground Beef Some of the funniest shit I’ve ever read. 

 Fuck my Table  A younger, slightly more hostile look at the restaurant business.  Think of me off my meds. 

 Tales from the Trailer Park  Trailer Park Barbie writes like I talk when I’m shitfaced drunk:  a hundred miles an hour and all over the place.  Try to keep up with her and don’t  piss yourself laughing. 

 What I Got So Far  There’s just something about him, but I’m sure he hears that a lot. 

 Thank you all for reading, I couldn’t do it without you, the fans.  Now go back to your miserable lives, keep shelling out money to buy my stuff, don’t forget I’m better than you and stop blocking the the red carpet to my limo.  I have more important places to be. 


15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thelifeofjamie
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 17:08:00

    congratulations on your prestigious award! Your blog is great- you deserve it! (Okay, I said nice things, so now you won’t spit in my food right?) 🙂

    I’d never spit in your food, but if you don’t stop falling off my reader I’m going to have a fit.


  2. Molly Malone
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 17:21:26

    You more than deserve it my friend! *Mwah*!

    Thank you, thank you!


  3. M.T.
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 20:00:30

    Well deserved. You’re my favorite. And thanks for mentioning my blog…

    Thank you! I mention your blog frequently.


  4. Vodka and Ground Beef
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 23:47:48

    Did someone say they’d like a little vodka??

    Mmm…I love me some vodka.

    I love your blog. Congrats on your award, and I have no doubt your hair is better than Blanchette’s. She needs to reevaluate her hair sitch.

    Thank you. There are many celebrities who need to switch to something other than that Suave shit they are using on their hair.


  5. DarcsFalcon
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 23:50:31

    Congratulations! *applause* Dig the dresses too. 😀

    I love the 7 Deadly Sins way to handle that list – great idea! LOL

    I’ve been feeling sinful this week.


  6. whatigotsofar
    Sep 10, 2010 @ 03:53:08

    Thank you.

    By the way, I’m wearing that swan dress similar to the one Bjork wore at the Oscars.

    There’s nothing like a dead swan wrapped around a man.


  7. tipsfortips
    Sep 10, 2010 @ 07:42:53

    I’ve always heard there were cougars up in those parts.



  8. DarcKnyt
    Sep 10, 2010 @ 10:50:19


    Thank you!


  9. redriverpak
    Sep 10, 2010 @ 11:40:48

    Young huh? Like Justin Bieber young? 🙂

    They have to be old enough to legally buy me a beer in the United States.


  10. izziedarling
    Sep 10, 2010 @ 12:36:00

    Well that’s just great – you’ve stolen my dress, forcing me to wear January Jones’ blue space nozzles! You just mosey on down that red carpet as long as you want to, I stole the vodka 🙂

    I’m sorry, but I’m sure you’ll rock Ms. Jones’ dress. It’s best for everyone if someone steals the vodka.


  11. Sparty Girl
    Sep 11, 2010 @ 07:58:13

    Woo-hoo!! Nobody deserves it more. You go, girl!

    Thank you!


  12. Mom
    Sep 11, 2010 @ 20:28:14

    Dear Daughter, I am so proud of you, this is much better than Prom Queen. Too bad I can’t take you to the Meeteetse Shopping Mall, you know the one your Grandpa used to take you and you could have two things. We could find you a real killer dress there, but as you know they closed it down. Just your luck. Love you just the way you are….mom

    HAHAHAHA! If the Meeteetse Shopping Mall was still open I could get a dress AND some heels. Damn it is just my luck. Thanks any way.


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  15. spencercourt
    Dec 31, 2010 @ 13:42:45

    Any idea what happened to Vodka and Ground Beef? Her blog is gone and WordPress says she deleted it.

    NOOOOO! The last I heard she was taking time off for the holidays. I’m bummed now.


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