Full Moon Blues

Tonight was not a good night. 

My second table was a 5 top, four adults and 1 youngster.  When I walked to the table, I had a premonition that they were going to be trouble and it stopped me in my tracks.  I took a deep breath and got their drink order.  The woman, who was about my age, asked for coffee with milk instead of creamer.  I told her I would have to charge her for the milk.  I always tell my tables if there will be an additional charge so there are no surprises when I deliver the ticket.  The woman said, “That’s fine.  It’s shitty, but it’s fine.”

I said, “I’m sorry, I don’t make the policies.”

So I took their order and the older guy asked for the salad bar.  While I was waiting on my other tables I noticed that the two guys were sharing the plate of salad.  Then as I was carrying their food out I saw the younger man filling the dirty plate with more salad.  When I got to the table, I asked the older man, “You ordered the salad bar, right?”


“I’m sorry, but you can’t share the salad bar.”

I heard the woman mutter, “Fucking bitch.”

I said, “I’m sorry, but it clearly states on the menu and at the salad bar that you can’t share it.  I don’t make the policies, but it’s my job to enforce them.”

The woman said, “It’s how you say it that pisses me off.”

Up to that point, I had been friendly.  I even ignored the “fucking bitch” comment.  I was not rude when I told the guy about the salad bar, I was giving him a warning.  When she decided to be in my face confrontational, I got shitty right back.  I told her there were cameras in the restaurant and if I let them steal from the salad bar without enforcing the policy, I would lose my job and frankly, it wasn’t worth it to me for them to have a free salad bar.

Then I found someone else to be their server because I was finished with them.  Darren was out on break, so I told Zach what happened.  He told me to charge them for the extra salad bar and not to go back to their table.  Darren got back just as they were ready to complain at the register and since I was trying to fill him in, Zach said he would handle it.  Darren said, “Just be polite and apologize for Glory.”

What?!  Are you fucking kidding me?! 

I lost my mind.  “I’m not the one who called her a fucking bitch and I’m not the one stealing from the restaurant.  I’m the one doing my job and I fail to see why you have to apologize for me.”

“The customer is always right.”

“So you kick me under the tires just to earn a dollar?  You make me be the bad guy out front, but when push comes to shove I’m the asshole?!  Fuck this shit.  Seriously.  Fuck it!”

By then Zach came back and confronted me about a whole list of shit the woman said I did.  “She said you were rude and you told them they were on camera.” 

“Yes I was rude AFTER she called me a fucking bitch and got in my face.  I told her the camera was on ME and that I could lose my job.  Obviously, that’s not important to her.”

Zach said, “Glory, you know you can be a little headstrong…”

There went my mind again.  “Fuck this shit!  I was NOT wrong.  I was doing my job and you kissed her ass and made me look like an asshole.  I’m so fucking sick of this place and all the people in it.”

Then I went outside and sat on the curb under my van and cried like a little girl.  Fucking fuckers.  I can deal with people being dicks, but I cannot deal with people who are supposed to have my back kicking me when I’m down.  The night continued to suck ass right up to the time I counted my tips and realized I made 10%.  Fuck me.


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  1. skippymom
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 02:54:12

    You could’ve sung it a la’ Julie Andrews and they still don’t want to hear that things like milk and a second salad bar cost extra for their speshul snowflake behinds. Jeesh – how were you rude? I don’t get people – and then to call you a name? Your boss is lucky “a little headstrong” is all those people got – because I just don’t get why management thinks it is okay for the customer to treat us like that? Once a customer steps over that line there is NO apologizing for anything. Sorry it was a bad night. Hopefully today will be better? Good thoughts to you.

    This bitch actually pulled the race card. “She treated us like we were thieves because we’re Hispanic.” No. I warned you against stealing and you got pissy with me. I then treated you like you were thieves because you were.

    She cussed at me during the drink order. She came in with a sense of entitlement and the belief she could treat her server like shit. I didn’t ask if anything was refunded off their ticket because I didn’t want my head to explode if she was rewarded for her cunty behaviour.


  2. Sherri
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 06:23:36

    What shitty night! I had a similar experience with a customer at Wal-Mart. I was stocking in the electronics department, reorganizing some flex space, when a customer needed to check out. I went to check them out, and before I could get back to my work, this guy comes up with a joystick. It rang up $50, and he got this look on his face and said, “The tag said 3.99.” I knew as soon as he said it I was screwed. Wal-Mart’s policy was if something is mis-marked you get it for the lower price. Well, that was the item I had just moved over on the shelf, and I was interrupted before I could move the tags over. That mo-fo saw his opportunity and took it.

    I refused to sell it to him at 3.99, and after a little back-and-forth I said, “That’s basically stealing, and you know it.” Well, the manager arrived and he first made me ring up the damn thing at the lower price and then he made me apologize. It was humiliating. I’ve never walked out on a job, but I almost did right there. In hindsight, I wish to God I had.

    The outright stealing I saw when I worked at Kmart was enough to turn my stomach. They had the anti-theft devices at the door, but there was more stealing in the return department than anywhere else. Women would come in Friday afternoon, buy a complete outfit…pants/dress, shirt, shoes, earrings, purse…and return it Saturday afternoon all booze stained and smelling of cigarette smoke. The returned items had to be removed from stock because they were damaged and when I pointed out that the same women were doing it week after week, the manager told me the customer was always right and they would take the loss. Dumbasses.

    If Darren had made me apologize to that woman I would have quit on the spot.


    • Sherri
      Sep 28, 2010 @ 05:46:29

      I worked at the return desk at WM, too. It was a constant battle to keep from being ripped off. For a long time, WM’s return policy was a whole YEAR if they had a receipt. People would return vacuums because they “stopped working” after 11 months, and of course they’d walk out with a new one. You have to wonder how many years they’d been doing that. Also, people would steal things and bring them to the return counter to get the money. “Um, I don’t have the box.” Yeah, that’s because you left it stuffed behind the tv display, where I found it yesterday. Losers.

      WM eventually started tracking returns across stores. Made it a lot easier.

      I have/had a friend who bought WM tools to build their house. They would use them until they wore out and then return them for new ones. I thought that took a huge set of balls.


  3. bluntdelivery
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 08:21:56

    dude, when i worked at olive garden this was insane!!! people would order (1) soup and salad deal and share it!! it was horrible?!? then they’d ask for a refill of breadsticks and a togo bag. haha. finally, after trying to enforce it i just let it go cus i would get stiffed on my tips all the time.

    It sucks that customers take it out on you just for enforcing the policies. If I have to tell a table “no” more than twice I know I’m getting stiffed and it blows.

    yea…. then after breaking down in tears one too many afternoons, i just stopped showing up one day.

    I only cry when I have something I really want to say, but can’t say it. Be it a boyfriend, a boss or a rude customer. When I cry, everyone needs to take about two steps back because shit’s going to get real.


  4. Fuck My Table
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 08:40:51

    This is the one thing that can break me. I’m supposed to follow the rules and do my job, but managers will throw me under the bus to make the customer happy. It makes me look bad and just perpetuates the problem. I’m sorry you had a shitty night…truly, I would have gone out back to cry and probably wouldn’t have come back inside. I would have thrown down whatever money I owed (since I am the cashier for my tables) and walked outta there.

    When Darren told Zach to apologize for me I almost asked, “What?! Is this fucking Chili’s or something?!” I don’t think Darren and Zach realize how close I was to bolting. I was out the back door and to my van before I realized I didn’t have my purse, otherwise I might have driven off.

    Of course, they’d call back the next morning and tell me to come back in for my shift, and I would because I need money…but all managers need to start finding a balance between employees and customers, because when you alienate one you just end up pissing them off. Since you need both to run a restaurant, it would be wise to find a balance. But of course, they choose to treat the employees badly instead of enforcing their own policies.

    We need customers, and I understand that, but do we need customers like that? She was cussing at me and impolite during the drink order, it’s just downhill from there.


  5. Sparty Girl
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 11:56:28

    From now on when someone is sharing the salad bar, make the manager go to the table and talk to them. Tell them you’re not enforcing it any more, that you’ll let them know and they can enforce it if they wish. That way they won’t have to apologize for you any more.

    Oh hell. Why didn’t I think of this sooner? From now on all problems with the salad bar are not my problem. I’ll tell the manager and he can deal with it or they can steal. Fuck me if I care. I’m the one who ends up paying for it.

    It’s not cool when the people who are supposed to have your back leave you in the dust.

    That’s what pissed me off the most. Don’t you dare apologize for me when I’m doing the job you make me do.


    • Jamie
      Sep 25, 2010 @ 12:28:02

      I agree with Sparty Girl. I’m so over all of their little bullshit rules they want us to deal with. I am going to do what Tim does…… and just fucking show up strut around and collect money, and get the hell out of there.

      I’m beginning to wonder if even showing up is worth it. We have nothing but local assholes for the next 6 months.


  6. DarcsFalcon
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 15:23:00

    Sorry you had such a bad night. 😦

    Sadly, that’s the difference between being “overhead” and being “profit.” Employees are overhead and customers are profit, so they will always win, even when they’re wrong.

    My take on that is problem customers are a drain on the system. They are neither profit nor overhead, they just cause a lot of bad feelings.

    Unfortunately, people are asshats. Now more than ever it seems. There really did used to be a time when more people had integrity and values and such theft and rudeness would never have been considered for the simple fact that it’s wrong.

    Yeah. When did it become okay to take what you didn’t pay for? That’s called stealing.


  7. Bob
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 04:27:30

    That sucks. They should have your back, even if they disagree with you, they should have your back in that situation.

    There won’t be a problem like this again because the manager will handle it. I’m done with that nonsense.


  8. frolicking lady
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 18:41:12

    Man I am so sorry! That totally sucks! She was the fucking bitch and she knew she could get away with treating you like shit. Just because “the customer is always right” doesn’t mean there arent’ a few customers that can be kicked out on their asses and invited to never come back. What a nightmare. I would have cried my eyes out too.

    There is a special place in hell for people who treat other people like shit.


  9. M.T.
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 21:52:25

    I wouldn’t have cried. But I would have spent some time in a municipal holding-cell, followed by the unemployment line lol…

    Been there, done that. It’s not much fun.

    The “customer is always right” shit has to end. It is horrific for employee morale, and only encourages asshole customers to continue their behavior. It is the very reason why when I am in a business as a customer, and hear some scum starting their shit, I will not hesitate to fucking destroy them in an ugly public scene. A merciless verbal humiliation.

    She probably treats everyone she comes in contact with like she treated me. What a horrible life she must lead.


  10. izziedarling
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 05:40:04

    I am so sorry you had this happen to you.The shitty customers are one thing, but being thrown under the bus by your “side” is THE WORST. I would have cried my head off, too. Shit.

    I always support my side so it comes as a shock when my side doesn’t support me.


  11. Molly Malone
    Sep 29, 2010 @ 10:05:05

    Oh honey 😦 Don’t let the bastards get you down. They should thank their lucky stars that they got you as a server and not me…

    HAHAHA! Not many people are meaner than me when I put my mind to it.


  12. foxpen
    Nov 02, 2010 @ 16:46:07

    As a bartender and sometimes server at a corporate restaurant, I learned long ago that if I have ANY problem with a table, just go to the manager. I’m fortunate; my management team is composed of former servers for the most part, so they have an inclination as to what we go through. They DO have my back, and I can rely on them. Anything, from a guest being mad that we don’t let them share “Endless X Diner” to a lemon with a brown spot; if I sense it is going to cause me grief, I get a manager to deal with it.

    It simply isn’t worth your time, and certainly not worth crying over. I’m sorry you had those horrible people at your table!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    My new policy is all problems are dealt with by the manager. It might cost me my tip, but it will save me a lot of grief.


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