I Knew IT!

I am NOT crazy.

Despite the evil rumours you all have heard, I’m not losing my mind.

Last night, I started to shave my legs.  It’s a rare occurrence, but somewhat necessary.  I got out my razor, sat on the edge of the bathtub, lathered up my legs, reached for the razor…

It was gone.  Nowhere to be found.

I looked up on the rack where I usually keep it.  Not there.  I looked on both sides of me.  Nope.  I stood up, thinking maybe my over sized ass was covering it.  No dice.  It was disappeared.

So I got out a new razor and started shaving (and cut myself several times, I might add).  I finished the project (shaving my legs is nothing less than a project) with only 5 cuts on each leg.  Success!

But the mystery of the missing razor still haunted me.  Was there ever a razor on the rack?  Did I get it down or did I hallucinate it?  (I don’t take hallucinogenic drugs as a rule, but maybe someone slipped something into my Pepsi.  Stranger things have happened.)  Was my subconscious telling me I didn’t really want to shave my legs until I could braid the hair like some hippie?

Uh…no.  There really was a razor.  Apparently, Halo snatched it from beside me and ran off with it.  I found its remains in the living room this morning, all chewed up and mangled.

Stupid dog.  She makes me look bad.



10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. CBG
    Oct 09, 2010 @ 04:33:11

    LOL! My hubby complained once that my legs were “picky” I only shave twice a year now…lol

    I don’t shave much in the winter, but I wear shorts in the summer so I give them a scraping every two weeks or so. I don’t have anyone to complain about my “picky” legs.



  2. redriverpak
    Oct 09, 2010 @ 07:29:37

    Cute! We got an idiot cat that will jump up on the bathroom counter and run off with q-tips to chew on.

    Halo is lucky she’s cute. It keeps her alive.


  3. Jamie
    Oct 09, 2010 @ 13:48:25

    aw! ha ha! 🙂

    HAHA! Do you want her?


  4. DarcsFalcon
    Oct 09, 2010 @ 18:42:12

    Now what does a dog need with a razor? Crazy dog! 😉

    She doesn’t need or know what to do with half the stuff she steals. I keep trying to tell her she doesn’t know what she’s doing, but she never listens.

    LOL I’m amazed she didn’t cut herself on that one.

    Dummies have good luck.


  5. bluntdelivery
    Oct 09, 2010 @ 21:03:50

    get the laser hair removal.

    it hurts like a beotch, but after two years and alot of tears you never have to bother with this crap again.

    I don’t grow much hair except on my head so the laser removal wouldn’t really pay for itself.


  6. skippymom
    Oct 10, 2010 @ 04:20:27

    That picture of you and the dog CRACKS ME UP. And honestly it makes you look good – skinny legs and all. [Yours not hers:)]

    Sadly, that’s my daughter in pants which make her look bigger than she is. Oh to be that skinny again. Halo was seeking protection from the squirt bottle.

    [and no, I do not want her – I have my own dog issues right now. hee]

    Dogs are so silly, but worth the trouble.


  7. Ahmnodt Heare
    Oct 10, 2010 @ 14:21:53

    Dogs may do things like steal razors and lick their privates in public, but they are good people.

    They are. I don’t know what I’d do without mine.


  8. beckyb26
    Oct 13, 2010 @ 18:53:26

    Dogs are super annoying at times, but what I wouldn’t give for Pepper to be beside me right now begging me to take her for a walk.

    I love every minute with my dogs and I would rather be with them than with most people. I can still give Halo hell, though. Dummy dog.


  9. sian
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 07:46:39

    i hate dogs and one day i hope there is no dogs ever again

    Your life must be extremely empty and devoid of hope.


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