The First Snow of Winter

See those tracks in the snow? They were made when the homeowner left for some place warmer.

It’s snowing right now, a fire is crackling away in my wood stove, my house is warm and cozy like something out of a Thomas Kinkade painting, and all I can think is, ‘Shit.  Another effing winter.’

I’m hoping for a mild winter this year because the last two were wretched.  Winter started in October the last two years and before it was over sometime in May I was ready to set my house on fire and move south.  It’s nice that we had good weather for all of October and some of November this year, but I was really hoping winter wouldn’t start until sometime in Never.  Every year I compare the pros and cons of winter and wonder why I still live here.


  • Lots of time to do crafty things and watch TV.
  • Yeah, that’s about it.


  • Watching TV, doing crafts and poking the wood stove are the only things to do.
  • Hauling wood in the house every time I go outside.
  • Frozen pipes.
  • Slick roads = a really bad drive to & from work.
  • Road closed due to snow = sleeping somewhere else while everything in my house freezes.
  • Multiple layers of clothing make me look fatter than I actually am.
  • Four big dogs with cabin fever.
  • Shoveling snow.
  • Finding out just how cold it can get before my van won’t start.
  • Fewer customers willing to venture out in the cold = very little money.

Maybe next year I can spend the winter some place warmer, but this year it’s 6 months (if I’m lucky) of frozen hell.  Blah.


13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DarcsFalcon
    Nov 09, 2010 @ 01:28:55

    Well, even under the “pros” could be a problem, if you aren’t making enough money to buy crafty kinds of things.

    Luckily a ball of yarn or some beads don’t cost much or I would go insane and start living on the roof.

    I hate Winter. *sigh* Sorry about your snow.

    Your winter sucks, too. It’s like preaching to the choir.


  2. wigsf
    Nov 09, 2010 @ 06:41:13

    Pros = making snowmen, who are just like men, they just stand there, do nothing say nothing but you can seek revenge on them with a blowtorch and not go to jail

    Cons = can’t have sex with snowmen

    I never thought of that.


  3. Celeste
    Nov 09, 2010 @ 08:41:20

    Come on down to Charleston, SC. It’s 76 today. We have tons of restuarants and plenty of snooty tourists with money to burn!

    I would love to be somewhere like that, at least for the winter. Once it gets above 85 degrees, I have to split for somewhere cooler.

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.


    • Celeste
      Nov 12, 2010 @ 07:44:35

      I love your blog, and have been stalking for a little over a month. I am VERY aware of everything my friends, family and I do while out to eat now! Thanks for keeping me entertained.

      Thank you and thanks for leaving a comment. I’m glad you see me as entertaining and educational rather than just bitchy and mean. 🙂


  4. skippymom
    Nov 09, 2010 @ 15:08:14

    “I was ready to set the house on fire and move south” FUNNY – but true for those of you that have really harsh winters. Sorry.

    The snow sucks, but when it gets 20-30 below zero I want to move.

    We had record amounts last year – unheard of for the DC metro area [been here dang near my whole life] but we really enjoyed it – the kids and my husband got a ton of time off [paid for him/no extra school for them/bonus] so it was fun. I can’t go out in it, but I sure do enjoy looking at it.

    I hope you have a super mild winter – if it starts to get bad just send it on down here. I love laughing at the crazies that clean out the grocery store of bread, milk and toilet paper when they predict an inch of the stuff. Priorities people. You need to start with the beer and doritos. Jeesh

    An inch of snow and they stock up on supplies?! People don’t do that here for anything less than a foot of snow and then it’s beer and doritos. Then again, people don’t slow down for snowy or icy roads here either.


    • skippymom
      Nov 10, 2010 @ 08:13:05

      I swear, hand to God, they cancelled school last year because they SAID it was going to snow. We didn’t have one flake on a Thursday evening, but they closed schools for Friday. Not kidding.

      And everyone thinks because they have 60K SUVs they can drive on ice-’cause you know, they be so important. Or impotent. Take your pick. My kids asked me once why I don’t drive in the snow, was I scared and I said No – I know how to drive in the snow and my cars capabilities I just choose to avoid the idiots that think the speed limit still applies when we are in blizzard conditions [like last year] Sigh.

      They don’t cancel school here unless the snowmobiles can’t make it across town. HA!


  5. workingtechmom
    Nov 09, 2010 @ 22:26:15

    From a kindred spirit…

    – warm, pink, fuzzy gloves
    – excuse for being late to work

    – my list is longer than yours so I won’t depress you

    I live in Toronto an got snowed in this year in Atlanta. Flights into Toronto were fine, couldn’t get out of Atlanta due to 1 inch of slushy crap. At least you live where they know how to deal with snow. Did it help?

    I could add fuzzy gloves to my pros, but I’m always late for work and the only excuse I give is ‘because I feel like it.’

    My cons list was all I could manage before I started crying. I will not complain about the weather to Canadians or people from Alaska.


  6. DarcKnyt
    Nov 10, 2010 @ 01:10:55

    I’m with you. I hate extremes. Above 80 is too damned hot for me. Below 40, too cold. *Sigh*

    I thought I loved winter when I was young. I loved wearing sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, gloves, scarves, bundling up and the way the air feels. It’s so crisp and clean. Love it.

    Then I moved to this sh!thole and found out it wasn’t winter at all, it was f**king AUTUMN I loved. Where I grew up, there IS no winter.

    *Sigh* I feel your pain.

    I like fall and spring. Everything else sucks ass.


  7. izziedarling
    Nov 10, 2010 @ 08:00:14

    If you get too crazy, come here – it’s going to be effing 83-degrees today. Meh!

    Ahhh…83 would be perfect!


  8. breadsticks
    Nov 11, 2010 @ 11:09:21

    Oh lord, if it snowed here at this time of year, I’d totally split for Jamaica or something. Usually our snow only happens in Dec and Jan. Right now it’s 70 so no complaints… yet.

    I despise winter. The only people who like it are masochists who like to watch their skin break off from the lack of humidity, their lips bleed and crack, who like to not be able to feel any fingers/toes/ears (“Is my nose still attached?! I sure can’t tell!! Well, other than the fact that snot keeps running down to my mouth.. gosh I just love winter!”), and who like to be asocial and never leave the house.

    My feelings exactly. Since I have wood heat I’m stuck in the house poking the wood stove. No late night parties away from home, no visiting with friends after work. I’m house bound for the next 6 months with occasional outings for work. 😦


  9. Katie
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 00:05:40

    i have been thinking about this post for a few days now, and i wanted to tell you how jealous i am.

    I live in a huge city with 10 million neighbors. My husband and I share a 750 sq foot, 1 bd apartment with our 3 small kids and a 60 lb Lab.

    Being snowed in alone with nothing to do but read and watch TV sounds pretty much like heaven to me. 🙂

    It is, but it’s also something of a prison. It’s a great excuse for when you don’t want to go out…I have to stay home and keep the fire burning or my house will freeze…but it gets tiresome when you really do want to go out.


  10. Katie
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 00:24:51

    Just realized the “nothing to do remark” sounded not at all the way I meant it to. Just meant I would love to have even one day of peace and quiet. 🙂

    I understood. 🙂


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