One of our cashiers is young and very dumb.  I don’t ever work with her, which is why she still has a job.  The one time I did work with her, she wanted to help “buster” my tables rather than cashier since she was hiding from Cora for doing something extremely dumb.  She said Cora made her cry.  And you want to hang around with me?  I make hardened criminals cry.  I make obscene phone callers hang up.  In the end I thought it best if she went home before I scarred her for life.

Yesterday I arrived at work in time to see her giving her phone number to Boy Cook Jarrod.  He asked if she was sure it was a cell number since it was a 587 number.  Land lines are 587 here.  I told him it was 578 and not 587 and after some thought, she agreed.

Then BCJ asked how to spell her name.  She looked up at the ceiling like she was searching for the answer to the universe and said, “A-s-h-l (pause & stare) (pause & stare) (pause & stare).”  I felt my IQ being sucked out of my head and I know I was looking at her like Otto looking at, well, everyone in ‘A Fish Called Wanda”.


She finally rebooted and finished “e-y.”  By then I couldn’t get the smirk off my face and BCJ looked at me and rolled his eyes.  Then she said, “I think.  Yeah, that’s right.”

I couldn’t stop myself.  “You don’t know how to spell your name?”

“I don’t write it very much,” was her defense.

WTF?!  Someone who can’t remember their phone number and doesn’t know how to spell their own name is in charge of my money?  No wonder Cora makes her cry.

Wow.  Just wow.

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  1. DarcsFalcon
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 01:31:04


    Oh. My. Gosh.

    Who hired this girl?

    Oh how sad! Who did this to this girl?

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

    Darren hired her, I have no idea how she still has a job. I think she’s home schooled by not very bright people. I avoid her because her dumbness annoys me.


    • DarcsFalcon
      Dec 13, 2010 @ 12:44:53

      What a black mark for homeschooling! My daughter’s 5, she has more letters in her name than this girl, and she’s known how to spell it since she was 3. And now she’s reading on her own.

      And that was true for my son too when he was 5.

      Homeschooling here is a joke. If someone says they were homeschooled, the jokes start flying…and the homeschooled kids don’t get them. It’s sad really.


  2. Catherine
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 01:52:42

    Scary. I had a friend like this. When I moved house I gave her my address and postcode (zip) which ended in 4AX. ‘Four A what?’ she said. ‘X’ I replied. ‘Ex?’ ‘Yes, you know, XYZ.’ ‘OH! You mean kiss.’

    What?! I know xs & os are kisses & hugs, but…what?!


  3. wigsf
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 05:48:08

    Maybe she’s got a learning disability.

    She says she doesn’t, but she probably doesn’t know what a learning disability is.


  4. Heif
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 06:31:23

    OMFG! I have 2 special needs nephews who can spell their names backwards, first and last. Hope she’s only got a four letter last name so she can get it tatooed on her knuckles

    No, her last name is long. BCJ asked what her last name started with and she spelled it out. He said, “So then…it starts with a ‘C’.” What a dummy.


  5. thelifeofjamie
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 07:35:21

    Big WOW! I know people who have trouble spelling their names correctly- but they are 4. WOW!

    And not in charge of other peoples’ money.


  6. Sparty Girl
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 16:54:29

    OMG! That’s just not right. I hope you’re still doing your own cashing-out.

    No, I’m leaving it to the cashiers. Luckily, she’s not handling my money.


    Dec 13, 2010 @ 17:21:30

    hey girl, what’s that retard cashier giving JBC her number for? don’t make me come pay her a visit!! i WILL slap some SENSE into her!! PEACE

    YAY!!! YOU’RE HERE!! I’m not too concerned with dumb girls giving BCJ their phone number. It actually made me laugh thinking about snapping on her, but she’s such an easy target.


  8. Fuck My Table
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 17:52:15

    How do people like that survive day-to-day?
    “I don’t write it very much” is not an excuse for not knowing how to spell your own fucking name. Jesus Christ.

    My thoughts exactly. Not knowing your phone number because you never call yourself is one thing, but not knowing how to spell your own name is grounds for dismissal from the planet.


    • skippymom
      Dec 20, 2010 @ 01:12:41

      “dismissal from the planet” ::stealing::

      Everytime I watch “A Fish Called Wanda” I crack up at Otto screaming “Asshoooooooooooole” when he hits a British driver.

      At least her parents named her Ashley. Imagine if her name had been “Dot” – she probably would have said her name was a period. What a tool.


  9. DarcKnyt
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 19:30:33

    You should suggest she check her license for the spelling next time. And the address so she’ll know where to go home to. Maybe she’ll find it more helpful than just getting drinks.

    It was a trend here for a while to have your name on the back of your belt. Maybe she needs to start the trend again.


  10. Anton
    Dec 14, 2010 @ 09:48:33

    Oh. My. Stars. That sounds incredibly painful! I am always sort of shocked when I encounter that level of dumb in the world. I don’t get how it survives.

    It seems as if something should have removed her from the gene pool by now.


  11. Ahmnodt Heare
    Dec 14, 2010 @ 11:12:38

    I see a future for Ashley in politics and making decisions on public policy. 😦

    HAHAHAHA! That’s no lie.


  12. Douglas Hester
    Dec 14, 2010 @ 17:52:32

    I’ll bet she’s very good-looking. The purty ones always skate by on their physical charms.

    Until they go away.

    Actually, she isn’t. She’s very normal looking, so I’m surprised by her dumbness.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


  13. Hira Animfefte
    Jan 22, 2011 @ 21:06:35

    That’s so sad. That’s probably a combination of painful undereducation and a learning disability. I probably would not have been able to hide the look of horror on my face. Most kids learn name and phone number by, say, age 5.

    If that’s the state of homeschooling in your area…Oy.

    All the people I’ve known who’ve been homeschooled have gotten graduate degrees. Some, multiple graduate degrees.

    Homeschooling here is either good or horribly bad. People who are barely educated should not be allowed to educate their kids.


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