Four Days Left, Part Deux

I feel like I’ve been here before…oh wait, I have.  Only this time, it’s for real.

Not long after I got to work I noticed the Diet Pepsi was out.  New Girl Rae (who is adorable, I almost wish I wasn’t quitting) brought a new one up and put it on the shelf.  I asked if she knew how to change it.  She said she didn’t.  I offered to show her how with the intention of telling the funny story about Stephanie when the time was right.

A couple of summers ago, we were buried in people and the root beer was out.  Someone brought a new one up and it was ready to be attached to the hose except we couldn’t get the cap off.  Someone went to get a knife to gently pry it off when Steph walked through the waitstation, and annoyed that things were moving so slow, yanked the cap off…along with the whole end of the bag.  Root beer flooded the waitstation and since no one had time to clean it up, we got to wade through it until we could wrangle someone from the back of the house to mop the floor.  There were root beer tracks to every table in the dining room and we all stuck to the floor whenever we stopped.  Ahh…good times.

I was saving my funny story for the moment when I showed her how to gently pry the cap off with the knife.  Steph was in the waitstation, so it would be extra funny having a good natured laugh at her expense.  But before then, I had to get the box open and the attachment out.  I couldn’t get the cardboard to tear so Rae asked if I wanted a knife. 

Sure!  Good idea!

As I cut into the cardboard, I told her it was much easier to open the box before putting it on the shelf and if she ever had to cut the cardboard, she needed to be careful not to cut the plastic…

…and that’s when Diet Pepsi started pouring out of a cut in the plastic bag.

Guess what.  Duct tape doesn’t fix everything.

Things I Won’t Miss

#7.  No Fucking Auto-Grat.  The new place has an auto-grat on parties of 6 or more.  The Harribalsac is one of, if not the only, place in town without an auto-grat.  What that says to me is the owners are concerned about their money, but the waitstaff can go fuck themselves.

For example:  We had 13 Asians walk in tonight 3 minutes before close.  They all ordered steaks (well, except for one douchebag who was playing a video game on his cell phone and couldn’t be bothered to order.  He waved me off when I tried to get his order.  Twice.  Twenty minutes AFTER everyone else got their food, he decided he wanted to order a well done steak and told us to ‘be quick’.  I wanted to tell him to ‘be fucked’, but Darren wouldn’t let me) and their combined tickets (oh yes, they all wanted separate tickets) totaled a little more than $200.  An 18% auto-grat would have netted Beth & I around $36 to share.  Instead, we got to share $19.98.  Nine dollars and ninety-nine cents for an extra hour and 45 minutes of work.  You do the math.


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. PurpleGirl
    May 11, 2011 @ 01:28:25

    Okay, that is just a priceless image! Root beer everywhere! YUCK!

    It was pretty funny.


  2. skippymom
    May 11, 2011 @ 02:15:12

    13 Asians + 3 minutes to close + steaks – an autograt = Our worst nightmare.

    There, I did the math and it ain’t pretty.

    My most sincere sympathies. Bah.

    It wasn’t pretty. I’m glad it’s almost over.


  3. Bob
    May 11, 2011 @ 05:02:56

    I hate auto-grat. Too many places try to rip you off by having the auto-grat use the post-tax number to calculate.

    Auto-grat should be pre-tax. From a server standpoint, we hate big tables because they run us to death for far less money than a 2-top. Big tables who insist on separate tickets are the worst. There are always one or two cheap bastards who don’t tip anything so in the end it isn’t worth the time.

    My asian friends say that asian restaurants only expect 10% grat. That might be why you got short-changed there. It is a weird custom.

    I never tip 10% in an Asian restaurant. I never tip 10% anywhere. What’s that saying? When in Rome… It doesn’t matter what your customs are at home, you should be aware that customs are different when you are traveling.


    • skippymom
      May 12, 2011 @ 01:03:15

      Auto grats in every restaurant I have ever worked in have been on pre tax. We know better. This sounds like a huge excuse at bad math and to be cheap. Even though a $150 check [for the minimum 8 people], with an 8 percent tax rate would only up your autograt by $3.60 cents if it was done after tax. Your not lining anyone’s pockets with that amount.

      Also, it is the restaurant, not the server who sets up the auto-grat. If it is post tax, the server probably doesn’t even know. And yeah. a couple extra dollars isn’t making anyone rich.

      I have never heard the urban myth that 10 percent is acceptable in Asian restaurants and therefore that is why Asians tip poorly in other venues. Believe me the servers in your local “House of Dynasty” hate you just as much for tipping 10 percent as your “House of Pancakes” servers do.

      This was the first group of Asians I’ve ever waited on who were rude and bad tippers. All other Asians I’ve waited on have been very polite and generous tippers. I guess no matter where you’re from, if you come in 3 minutes before close, you are going to be too inconsiderate to tip well.

      Sorry, but neither comment holds any bearing with me.


  4. Darcknyt
    May 11, 2011 @ 18:58:25

    Only four days. You can do it. Hang in there. 🙂

    I’m a’hangin’!


  5. Ahmnodt Heare
    May 11, 2011 @ 19:52:08

    One would think by now that those systems that orders are punched in a computer would automatically be able to print either a table ticket or separate tickets or vice-versa.

    Our system does and separate tickets are still a pain in the ass.


  6. DarcsFalcon
    May 12, 2011 @ 00:31:07

    Root beer tracks, LOL! I have a vision in my head of lots of little footprints all over the place. That must have been a mess to clean!

    It wasn’t too hard to clean up…hot soapy water and a mop. The funniest part was the scrunchy sound our shoes made.

    I can see the auto-grat on larger parties. I don’t know why – oh what the heck, of course I know why – someone always wants to be a jerk and get away with not tipping.

    People don’t realize that one big table takes a lot of time away from other tables and sometimes it might take over the server’s entire section. Big tables tend to stay longer so while other servers are turning tables, the server with the big table has to rely on their generosity. Big tables are usually anything but generous. The average tip on a party of 6 or more is less than 12%. I hate big tables.

    It’s almost over! Yippee!

    I’m so freaking excited!


  7. Beth
    May 12, 2011 @ 11:12:08

    I cringe to think how many times I went out with a group and had separate checks…how many of my friends were stiffing the waitress? I’d like to hope none…

    At least one of them always does. Usually the person who asks for the separate check.

    I always tip on top of the auto grat, maybe not another 15%, but more, because I know big groups are not fun.

    I always leave 20% unless the service is HORRIBLE. Then I tip 15% and never go back.

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.


    • Beth
      May 12, 2011 @ 18:26:16

      You are welcome! I like reading it, bring humor to my day 🙂

      Yep, we do the same thing, at least 20% unless it is terrible….I have four kids, and even though we have ordering streamlined and don’t allow our kids to make a mess (or pick up if they do), we know that we do require a bit of extra work. 🙂


  8. izziedarling
    May 13, 2011 @ 13:19:34

    Hey, this looks GOOD! I think you must have just one day left. Rah! Can’t wait for your new adventures! I hope you are doing the happy dance – when you can get your feet unstuck from the floor! 🙂

    I’ve been doing the happy dance for days.


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