The Game of Things

I had so much fun last night, it should have been illegal.  Work was excellent, which was a relief because Friday night was a steaming pile of crap.  I had impatient people, the kitchen was slow and they were all a bunch of cheap bastards.  Then I ordered the wrong pizza for a table of two old ladies who were so annoying I wanted to kick them both in the head.  The kitchen saved my ass and instead of screaming at me and fighting, they worked WITH me and helped.  What a relief to be on a team rather than an ‘us vs them’ situation.  Still, I was very glad to put Friday behind me.

Last night was the way things should be.  I had two tables waiting for me when I walked in and I had a mini rush all by myself between 4 and 5.  Then we got another good rush between 7 and 8.  Pro Rodeo cut me at 8 which meant I had to do my paperwork, have a glass of wine and peace out with $130 in my pocket.  I didn’t have to sweep & mop, I didn’t have to tear down my section, I didn’t have to clean the restrooms.  I didn’t have to spend an hour doing sidework for less than minimum wage.  I made as much money as I would have at the Harribalsac with a fraction of the work.

In addition to having a buser, we have a pantry chef.  He makes our salads, gets our bread, makes our desserts and once when I needed two cups of coffee and didn’t feel like making the saucers all pretty with doilies and shit, I told him what I needed, went out to take care of a table and when I came back I had two cups of coffee ready for me.  Talk about easy peasy.

The real fun was after work.  Sunni & I went to a friend’s house for game night.  There were about 8 of us, some from work, some not, and we played ‘The Game of Things’.  The judge reads a card, such as A Thing You’ve Always Wanted to Try, and everyone writes their answer on a slip of paper.  The judge reads the answers and everyone tries to guess who said what.  I laughed until I had tears running down my face and my ribs ached.  Answers to the example I gave were ‘human barbeque’, ‘just the tip’, and ‘ram a rod down my urethra’.  I know some messed up people.  One of the young men I work with (out of work they call him Al-Quieda), was the one who wanted to try ‘just the tip’.  Sunni & I will never let him live that down.


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  1. watergirl
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 14:51:13

    Glad the night went better for you than Friday!

    As for “The Game Of Things”..HAHAHAHHAHAHA! I may have to try that sometime. 🙂

    It was insanely fun. You need at least 5 people to make it interesting, and it’s better if you don’t really know each other.



  2. skippymom
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 17:03:17

    “Pantry Chef”? I must be getting old [I am] in my day missy they called us the salad girls – and we did all the same stuff. Funny. [I much prefer “pantry chef”]

    Salad girls is what I’m familiar with, but ‘pantry chef’ sounds so professional and high class.

    And that game sounds like a keeper.

    That game was funny as shit.


  3. Sparty Girl
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 17:19:53

    clapping loudly for you on all counts.


  4. thelifeofjamie
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 18:05:41

    That sounds like a fun game! I need to get that!

    You won’t look at your friends the same way again.


  5. DarcKnyt
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 18:53:21

    Now THAT sounds like a fun game. With enough mature, good-natured people to play it.

    Mature. Snicker.

    You know what, though? I’m glad you’ve had a couple of crappy days to get ’em out of the way. The honeymoon’s over and you know what bad days will look like, and they’re still not as bad as the good days at the other place.

    So bully for you. 🙂

    No lie. No matter how bad things are at the Spaghetti Western, it’s still better than at the Harribalsac.


  6. DarcsFalcon
    Jun 06, 2011 @ 00:11:50

    The team aspect sounds awesome – just like it should be. See? All that worry about leaving the other place, and look how much happier you are, even with having some less than perfect days at the new place. Too bad they won’t get a clue there.

    Working as a team is fantastic. If something goes wrong everyone jumps in to help because it’s all about the customer and the restaurant looking good.

    Sounds like you guys had fun! Yes, you know some messed up people! LOL Human barbeque? Ewww! I’m not even touching the others!

    What’s even more scary is he had his BBQ meat all picked out…24 years old, occasional jogger, Jack Daniels drinker. o_O


  7. Hira Animfefte
    Jun 06, 2011 @ 17:54:53

    Just the tip?

    I know, right. 🙂


  8. wigsf
    Jun 07, 2011 @ 10:30:47

    Got that game for a friend for Christmas one year. I’ve only played it once but it turned into the most disgusting hilarious game ever. That game turned me into a filthy filthy gross gross person.
    I loved every minute of it.

    I tried to be mature and give non-raunchy answers since I don’t know Al-Quieda very well and he’s young and I didn’t want to scar him. But that didn’t work out.


    • wigsf
      Jun 07, 2011 @ 14:31:40

      If anybody is goes to scar a young man, shouldn’t it be you. Isn’t life experience worth something?

      I’ve scarred my share of young men. I wanted a couple of weeks to make a good impression before I frightened him.


    Jun 08, 2011 @ 16:54:35

    i would love to join you for game night

    Game night is hysterical.


    Jun 08, 2011 @ 16:55:43


    I have no idea. It randomly happens.


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