A couple of weeks ago, when we were slamming busy and Pro Rodeo was off his leash, I saw one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen in all my time as a server. 

On this night, we stopped taking to-go orders and we had a 40 minute wait for a table.  The Host with the Most asked a family (mom, dad, 2 early teen kids) if they would like to sit at the bar while they waited for a table.  The woman asked if they could eat at the bar.  THwtM told them they could, but they would not receive faster service since we don’t have a dedicated server or bartender at the bar.  The woman said it was fine and the man joked that they weren’t in any hurry at all.

I’ve learned a few things.  People who say they will tip you really well, don’t.  People who say they are really easy to get along with, aren’t.  People who say they aren’t in any hurry at all, will bitch because their service isn’t fast enough.

Twice I heard the woman ask THwtM when they could expect service.  Twice he told her that I had 4 tables in front of them and sitting at the bar did not mean faster service.  He brought them water and menus, and took their drink order.  Pro Rodeo was bogged down in the service bar so they got their drinks at about the time I was able to wait on them, roughly 20 minutes after they sat down. 

Keep in mind, the wait for a table was at least 40 minutes, and they weren’t in a hurry.

The woman ordered an appetizer, a large salad and two pizzas for everyone.  At the Spaghetti Western, it’s appetizers, then salads, then entrees, so I asked if they wanted everything at the same time or if the appetizer was really an appetizer.  She said they wanted the appetizer first.  I brought our the appetizer and about 3 minutes later, in her best Exorcist voice, she asked for the salad. 

While I continued to wait on my other customers, I also pre-bused their bar area, set up their pizza stands, and got drink refills.  With each pass I heard her bitching and muttering about how long everything was taking.  Once, I smiled sweetly at her and said, “Good thing you’re not in a hurry, right?”

So, the food came, they ate, they paid, they left me a whopping 10% on the credit card slip.  The woman asked for two go cups for drinks.  I looked at their glasses and they only had one good slurp left.  I asked if she wanted cups for what remained in their glasses.  “No, I want refills to go.  It took us 20 minutes to get our drinks.”

“I don’t know if I can do that.  Free refills are for in the restaurant only, but I’ll ask.”

“It took us 20 minutes to get our drinks and to get any service.”

“Yes, but you were told it was a 40 minute wait for a table, and that sitting at the bar wouldn’t get you faster service.  You still came out ahead with only a 20 minute wait.”

I saw the man snatch the credit card slip off the tray and scratch off my 10% tip.  Fuck you.

I went to the service bar and asked Pro Rodeo if we could give refills to go.  He reminded me of the policy and when I went back to the woman, she slammed her glass on the bar and snarled, “Then fill this and give me a cup to go.”

That’s when Pro Rodeo came out of the service bar.

“We don’t give free refills to go.  You are trying to take advantage of the situation, and you’ve been nothing but rude to my server since you got here.  You do not treat my servers that way.  You need to leave now.”

“It took us 20 minutes to get any service and I want a drink to take with me.  I guess you’ve never heard of Facebook or Twitter?”

I bet they will both fit.

“Lady, you can shove Facebook and Twitter up your ass.”

She wouldn’t have been more shocked if he’d tried to shove a live chicken up her ass.

She looked at me and THwtM and asked, “Did he just tell me to shove something up my ass?”

“Yep,” replied THwtM.

“Facebook AND Twitter to be precise,” I said.

“Who does he think he is?  Is he the owner?”

Oh fucking hell.

Pro Rodeo came back out of the service bar and out from behind the bar, and I ran for cover.  Crissy was walking by at that moment and stopped him from full on throttling the woman.  The woman continued to bitch about her 20 minute wait and Crissy told her she needed to leave before the police showed up.

On one hand, it was a 20 cent cost to the restaurant to give her a free refill.  On the other hand, she was a bitch.  Bitches get nothing.  The asshole husband removed my tip when I told her the restaurant’s policy; he punished me for something out of my control.  Even though we accommodated them in far less time than they expected, they complained about everything and treated me like shit.

Not only did Pro Rodeo kick her out for being a rude bitch, but he also compensated me for the tip I lost.  It’s nice to be where the customer isn’t ALWAYS right.


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  1. Shannon
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 21:10:16

    Thank god for bosses like that! I’m so happy to read that you’re finally working somewhere that values you.

    It makes me happy.


  2. bunnybuns
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 21:33:47

    I love your boss!!!! I’ve had good and bad bosses. But all bosses should be like yours!

    He’s the best boss I’ve had in a while.


  3. Rachel
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 21:42:19

    Omg, I wish I worked for Pro-Rodeo. Sticking up for a server AND telling a total cunt where to shove it? It boggles my poor, corporate-‘just eat their shit’ policy addled mind.

    It blows my mind as well. Too many people are used to corporate restaurants who will give away a hundred dollars just to make a buck. It’s nice to have the owner right there, in the restaurant, standing up for what we all know is right.


  4. Cindy C.
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 22:13:21

    20 thumbs up for Pro Rodeo =)

    He’s pretty awesome.


  5. DarcsFalcon
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 02:06:57

    Wow! What a stand up guy he was for you! That’s wonderful! I’m so glad that he was covering your back – that’s the mark of a real boss. 🙂

    I would have loved to see that lady’s face if you’d retorted, “Yeah, heard of ’em, and I have a blog too and you’re the next post!” LOL Of course, Pro’s response generated a much better face from her, I’m sure! 😆

    The people who know about the blog knew she was getting her own post. We all laughed about it.


  6. wigsf
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 04:00:21

    This Pro Rodeo guy, I like him. Two thumbs up.

    He’s pretty awesome.


  7. Skippymom
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 05:45:36

    :picking my chin up off the keyboard: He SCRATCHED out your tip? In front of you? WOW – his asshattery knows no bounds does it? Must be from being married to that shrew of a wife. Wowser.

    I love her threat of “Do you know FB and twitter” – beyotch. Pro Rodeo’s response is pure freaking GOLD. I am glad that he is THAT cool – she so deserved that. And how nice of him for giving you the tip. Gotta’ love the man.

    So many people think the world revolves around them and their opinions. Our good food and service will keep people coming back.

    I still can’t believe that guy scratched out the tip over the refill. sigh for humanity.

    I was pretty dumbfounded.


  8. Sparty Girl
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 06:30:48

    Just when I think I’ve heard it all… way to go, Pro Rodeo!!

    And I was worried that I wouldn’t have anything to write about at the Spaghetti Western.


  9. paulac7
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 07:15:36


    I want to come work at your restaurant instead of the ‘recently-declared-bankrupt, but-since-we-are-a -franchise-it-won’t-affect-us corporate bullshit place that I work at as a prep cook/baker. I think me and Al-Quedia (sp) would get along just fine!!

    There might be an opening soon. One of the back of the kitchen cooks (an older woman) can’t seem to figure out that Al-Quieda is her boss and she constantly argues with him. One of these days he’s going to put her in a garbage bag.

    Even though I don’t deal with customers directly, I’d still like to tell them to shove their pancakes up their ass!! Especially when I am taking something up front, and they need something of me, because they can’t find their server due to smoking behind the dumpster, texting, or banging heroin in the employee restroom…….yeah it’s great to work in a college town.

    I always make it clear that I will find their server, unless I know she’s actually working. I’ll help them out, but they can take it out of her tip and maybe she’ll figure it out.

    What a douchebag to scratch your tip out in front of you–I would have liked to return the favor by scratching his eyes out…….. Pro Rodeo (love that name) sounds like my kind of manager–so many times when I managed a restaurant (years ago), I wanted to tell an asshole customer to shove (fill in the blank) up their ass, but never did. Now my only saving grace is that where I work is in the deepest, darkest depths of the store, so I can offer opinions until my little black heart is content!!

    I was aghast, but since it was 10% it wasn’t a big deal. I love knowing that if a customer is wrong, Pro Rodeo will let them know.


    You should have taken a picture of Mrs Douchebag's face to post here–I would have loved to see it!!

    It was priceless.


  10. Anton
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 12:06:50

    Jesus riding a raptor, that is golden. I would have cheered if I had been there.

    We laughed about it for days. What a douchebag.


  11. Guy
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 12:10:16

    Fuck yeah! About time some rude asshole got what they deserved. I worked at a Sears in the automotive shop when I started working back in ’94. “The customer is Always Right” and “100% Satisfaction” were the names of the game. We gave out soooo much undeserved free shit and got chewed out over bs so often I wanted to go postal. Company stores suck! Probably why I almost never eat at a chain restaurant either…… Fuck chillis/applebees/tgif/insert-just-off-the-interstate-chain-of-choice-here.

    I worked at Kmart back in the day and their refund policy was total bullshit. I would see the same women come in on Friday morning, pick out 2 outfits and return them on Sunday afternoon. Of course the clothes smelled of cigarette smoke and booze and had to be damaged out. If we said anything to the customers, we were either written up or fired. It pissed the managers off as well, so they just took it out on the employees.

    So when I left that job at Squears, I applied at an independent shop instead. While I was filling out the paperwork, a man behind the counter (found out he was the owner in a very short time) told the customer who was bitching “If you don’t like it, just get the fuck out of my shop!” Holy SHIT! I stayed there for most of 10 years. More than once he told problem customers to never come back. I watched him write a particularly annoying customer a check for their last service, added 50 bucks extra, and told them that 50 was for them to never come back. He’s still in business (since 1982 or 83) and has a low stress operation that makes quite a bit of income. I was payed very well, with all kinds of fringe, while I was there.

    He told me that problem customers are never worth the effort. He would bend over backwards to fix an honest issue, but had no tolerance for bullshit at all.

    So often I read the waitress/waiter blogs and think how much easier their lives would be if their bosses knew this secret. Those extra few dollars are never worth the chaos and stress those fools bring to the business.

    I used to point that out at the Harribalsac…why do you want people who consistently complain and get free shit? They aren’t doing you any favours by coming back and the business would be better off without them. They never got it.

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

    Best of luck, and next time I’m in Montana I’ll be sure to look up Spaghetti Western in Missoula.

    I’m in Wyoming…Cody to be exact.

    PS, the Gary Busey pic is win!

    Gary Busey rules!


  12. ~watergirl~
    Aug 03, 2011 @ 23:51:43

    Kudos to Pro Rodeo! I had to clean the water off my monitor after reading:
    “Lady, you can shove Facebook and Twitter up your ass.”

    She wouldn’t have been more shocked if he’d tried to shove a live chicken up her ass.

    Absolutely priceless!

    Pro Rodeo is always good for a quote.


  13. Vicki
    Oct 31, 2011 @ 06:44:44

    I know it’s been over 3 months since you posted this, but that is just awesome! =) I manage a restaurant and if there is an honest problem then I’ll bend over backwards for a customer–if it’s because it’s very busy and they have to wait I just look at them, point out the fact that we cook our food fresh and to order and tell them that because it’s busy it will take longer. I don’t take anything off their check at all. That’s ridiculous! And if it’s because of something the cook did, then I will put the blame on the cook–if it’s because their waitress messed up I will tell them that too. I’m polite but I’m not a pushover. =D I wish I had your bosses guts!

    For the most part I think people can go fuck themselves. My daughter works for a nice hotel and people are always trying to get a free stay and when they don’t, they trash the room. Some people have no shame.


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