Setting My Boundaries

In any new food service job, you have to set your boundaries, and draw the line on how much bullshit you are willing to take. 

I have personal space and territory issues.  Until I know and like you, don’t touch me.  End of subject.  You will get a warning and then I will make you hurt.  Also, I don’t like off-shift people in the kitchen or work areas.  I like non-employees in the kitchen or work areas even less.  Kids will make me pass out from anxiety. 

Because I worked at the Outlaw before, most people know this, but there’s always one person who makes assumptions, pushes the boundaries and piles on the bullshit.  Then I lose my mind and my filter and someone’s calling me a bitch.

Last night was fairly steady.  I worked by myself cooking and serving for both the bar and the restaurant side.  MDR was slightly getting on my nerves by telling me he needed an order that I already sent out and being ridiculous about the dirty iced tea pitchers.  He came in the kitchen with one and asked what he should do with it.  I suggested that if it was dirty, it should go back by the dishwasher with all the other dirty dishes.  About half an hour later I found another dirty tea pitcher in the hand sink in the kitchen.  WTF?!  Why is this so hard to figure out?  It is just one of the many things he does that drives me completely up the wall.  For example, he found clothes pins on the ground under the clothes line, so he clipped them to the fence.  Why not put them back on the clothes line?  Wouldn’t that make sense?  Wouldn’t that be logical?

Anyway, moving on…two couples came into the restaurant right before close.  I recognized one of the men as a lawyer from Cody.  Years and years ago, he was my parent’s lawyer.  I joked around with the table, they ordered drinks from the bar and while I was standing at the bar watching MDR struggle to pour a couple of drinks, a woman who works one night a week at the Outlaw came up behind me and did the “AHEM!” thing in my ear.

This woman thinks she knows everything because she has a college degree.  She refused any training at the Outlaw because she has a college degree.  She gets the most food complaints of anyone.  Jim & Sharron have owned the Outlaw & Cowboy Bar for more than 20 years and this chick constantly tells them how to run their business because she has a college degree.  Did I mention she’s a drunk and a shit parent?  Well, she is.  Too bad her degree isn’t in Sobriety and Responsible Parenting.

So College Girl (she’s in her late 30s but College Woman doesn’t sound right) AHEM!s me. 


“Those couples who came over to the restaurant?  You need to be on your toes with them,” she slurred.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yes.  He is a very influential lawyer and you need to treat him right.”


“Yes, his name is George Shivington and he’s a very important lawyer.”

Okay, George is his brother and she completely slaughtered his last name, which showed she was talking out her ass and furthermore, bitch, don’t tell me how to do my job.  Been doing it longer and making more money at it than the average bear. 

This is when I decided to draw my bullshit line in the sand.

“Are you sure that’s George?”




“Well, I’m positive that George is his brother since I’ve known both of them for most of my life.  You need to shut your pie hole and mind your own business.”

“I was just giving you a head’s up.”

I picked up the drinks and walked away from her.  About 3 minutes later, her boyfriend (who also tends bar once a week) came into the restaurant, but when he saw other people, he turned around and left.

After the people left, he came back into the restaurant.  I was sweeping the floor and he got all up in my personal space, not saying anything, just getting too close.  I warned him to back off and he got closer.  I choked down on the broom handle so it was less of a sweeping instrument and more of a bat.  I warned him again to get out of my space as I planned an escape route into the kitchen to the knife rack.  He stood close for a second more, then he backed up and left. 

This shit is not going to work out.  I’m not talking about my job, I’m talking about working with morons who think they can bully me.  I try to be polite, but my nature is hostile and aggressive.  I’m not sure if I should say anything to Jim & Sharron, I’m certainly going to say something to the boyfriend when I go to work today, and I will make sure to lock the door between the bar and the restaurant when I’m closing from now on. 

Why can’t everything be daffodils and puppies?



10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thelifeofjamie
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 15:45:18

    Why was the boyfriend approaching you? Does he lack social skills or was he trying to intimidate you?

    Maybe a little of both.

    Next time shove the broom handle up his ass so he sweeps the floor as he runs out of the restaurant…kill two birds with one stone!

    HAHAHA! That was sort of my plan.


  2. sarah
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 17:13:23

    If I were the owners, I would appreciate a heads-up on morons. they’ll probably save money by firing the stupid people and getting some smarter ones.

    In Meeteetse, hiring people is sort of like dating, it’s less about who’s appropriate for the job and more about who’s available.


  3. DarcKnyt
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 19:47:00

    I guess I can’t figure out what the boyfriend was doing. Weird to try and intimidate someone without saying anything. Ed Cantrell, where are you?

    I talked to Sharron today and neither of us could figure it out. She said he spends a lot of time apologizing for his girlfriend and that he is a pretty nice guy so maybe he was trying to make amends, but tripped my freak meter first. I’m still locking the bar door while I’m closing.


  4. skippymom
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 22:24:02

    The one thing that pisses know it alls off more than anything is if you light heartedly correct them while leaving the underlying impression that they really are stupid. Sort of shake your head a bit while asking “Really?” Laugh a little and then let her have it. They can’t figure out if you are being nice……or…..

    This works well for two reasons – no one can claim you were being a bitch, because you were SMILING the whole time and you get to be right, in a fake nice kind of way, while putting them in their place.

    She knows she can push buttons with the college degree thing [and m’god those people are the worst]. You know she is going to do it, so why let her? She is such a waste of air for you and she is just jealous because she knows she isn’t half the woman you are, even with a degree.

    I worked with one guy and he thought he was all that b/c he had a BA in History [great degree, mind you, it was his attitude that was annoying] and was constantly putting all of us down b/c he was sure none of US had one, especially not the 26 year old, married woman with three kids, two who were in diapers. When someone actually told him I had a degree and where I had received it from, he refused to believe her and for the next few weeks, every shift, he would pepper me with questions about the campus, the professors, what classes I took, what I learned, had I really gone there, etc. eventhough we didn’t go to the same Universities.

    I would give him a short [polite] answer, grab whatever it was I was doing [he usually cornered me at the bar when I was picking up drinks] and rushed off like I was busy, even if I wasn’t. Like I said – this went on for weeks. My degree is in Linguistics [not Hospitality or Management]so it had no bearing on my abilities as a waitress and I never brought it up at work because why? It wasn’t interesting and had nothing in common with anything. I got so fed up one night, without letting him know, that the next time we worked together I brought in my diploma. It had been framed with a picture of me and my [then future] husband at the ceremony, plus the tassle with the year. I stuck it in the closet in the waitress station and the next time he started in, I took it out, handed it to him and said “You seem to be so curious about my attendance at GU – I thought you might like to see what their diplomas and graduation day look like. It was a lot of fun.” He looked it over carefully, I guess he wanted to see if I could’ve faked it way back then – then he mumbled “That’s nice. Thanks.” And never asked me about it again. We all got a good laugh over our shift drink that night. I always wondered why he didn’t stay to have one too? heehee

    Good luck sweetie. Don’t sweet the stoopid. ;D


  5. skippymom
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 23:05:11

    *or sweat [not sweet] – whichever works for you. giggle


  6. Drive Thru Guy
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 11:23:53

    I once had a trainee and upon asking her if she could stock a refrigerated reach-in on her second shift I got the response “you’re looking at someone with a college degree!” Oh, I’m so glad we have that cleared up but now you need to realize this is the drive thru university and I’m the professor so go get some milk and salad dressing. Thanks. She didn’t last long.

    My response to her would have been, “So you’re saying you don’t know how to stock a cooler?” She wouldn’t have lasted long with me either.


  7. DarcsFalcon
    Apr 17, 2012 @ 00:28:57

    Good idea to keep that door locked while you’re cleaning up! Whatever his purpose, getting all up in someone’s space like that just isn’t cool.


  8. Ahmnodt Heare
    Apr 17, 2012 @ 11:29:30

    You work with the two types of people who drives me nuts the most: The know-it-all and the person clueless about personal space.

    I had a client a few months ago that thought he knew everything about my business, Why did he need me then?


  9. michele
    Apr 22, 2012 @ 20:03:03


    Fat Dan lost some weight and got on oxygen so he doesn’t pass out and drool on himself in the bar anymore. What a shame.


  10. Mrs P
    May 09, 2012 @ 05:57:59

    HAHAHAHAHAAHAH fat dan. I dont even work there, and I am dying laughing at “fat dan” I have a ” bucket tom” and a “scooter bob”…. and “stoner pete”. LMAO

    I don’t know what else to call him. He’s lazy as shit and annoying as hell. I like your nicknames. I can tell I need to come up with some better ones.


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