Internet Juke Box

We finally caught up with the rest of the bars in America and got an internet juke box. The one we had before was the first juke box ever made and had all the original songs on it. I’m sure of it.

I was very excited when the guy installed it. My first song choice was The Passenger by Iggy Pop…something unusual, but not offensive. Life was good.

Of course, anything new that King Triton doesn’t understand causes a fight. He immediately wanted the guy to come back and take it away. He got into a rumble with Doc, who wants to rumble with everyone because he’s sober and hates life, and he pissed off Bagheera. I intervened and told him that it doesn’t matter what he likes, it matters what the customers like and he’ll like it just fine at the end of the month when his cut of the money comes in.

As I predicted, the customers LOVE it. It never shuts off. Sadly though, it appears the only artist on the damned thing is Lady Gaga and she only has two songs: Bad Romance and Poker Face. Holy shit.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Gaga, but how about Katy Perry, Ke$sha, Brittney Spears, 3OH3!, David Guetta, Rihanna, or Shakira to name a few. For that matter, Lady Gaga has a shit ton of songs, play some of those.

There are a few people with a broader appreciation of music. Some people drag out the 70s songs, which is always okay with me. Someone played Paradise by the Dashboard Light last night, and it made me laugh. Even with the endless parade of country artists and Poker Face 25 times in a night, the internet juke box is better than what we had.